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80-Year-Old Grandpa Is Taking The Internet By Storm For All Right Reasons

"Life is too short to do everything you want to do", truly said. There is no particular age to start a new career and free yourself from the rut that life has become for everyone of us. If you don't believe me, take the example of this man right here.The handsome 80-year-old grandpa has a whole new game plan. He is the one who loves staying fit and challenging himself by trying new things. He is breaking all stereotypes with his runway swagger.Well, have a look at the pictures of hottest grandpa.Read also: Top Instagram models make millions by doing just nothing

Meet China’s hottest grandpa, actor and model ‘Wang Deshun’.

He is 80-year-old actor and artist whose first appearance was on a podium as a model and he absolutely nailed it.

He made his debut from China Fashion Week.

Wang has tried all the new and adventurous things in his life. Last year, he walked the runway for the first time.

Since then his fit physique is causing a national sensation.

His fit body and charisma have gained the national spotlight in no time.

He literally cat walked all the way to hearts of people.

His impeccable energy, style and body was just slaying the ramp.

He has even modeled for different kinds of brands on print.

He can well be called as the oldest model ever to be in such a shape. He spends ample of time on his workout and daily exercise. However, this is what both the sides of coin say.

‘Nature defines your age but you decide your state of mind’-says Wang.

He has proved that age has nothing to do with fierceness. Despite 60 being the retirement age for men, he has embraced his old age and is into very new things.

Grandpa doesn’t seem to be slowing down any given day.

At his 80th birthday celebration, he not only enjoyed but served as DJ too.I wish I had such a cool grandfather.

He is so damn cool, isn't he?

Well, his daughter QQ is a revered fashionista too.

She is an award-winning DJ in China.