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Best Of Jürgen Klopp Quotes As Liverpool FC Manager

It's been a year since Jürgen Klopp took over the reins as manager of Liverpool FC. Over the course of the year, there have been many incidents that are worth recollecting. And also worth recollecting are Klopp's quotes that were made on several various occasions during that one-year period. We have handpicked some of the best quotes from them, which you will enjoy going through. These quotes take you back to the awesome moments, from the very beginning of his reign, one year ago, till this very moment.So scroll down, and check them out!

1. A normal guy

When a journalist asked him how he might describe himself, while subtly referencing to Jose Mourinho's self-proclamation of 'The Special One,' he said: "I'm a totally normal guy, I came from the Black Forest. I'm the Normal One."Recommended story: Jack Sparrow Quotes

2. Full-throttle moments

After Liverpool's first game with Klopp in charge, he said: "We will get stronger. We were a little bit nervous when we got the ball because the pulse was a little too high at this moment. There were many full-throttle moments in the game. We need to improve but after working with the players for three days I am completely satisfied."

3. Boss tha!

A month into his time at Anfield, Klopp underwent a Scouse test courtesy of LFC TV, where he picked up a phrase that he used later on in a press conference. That phrase is: "Boss tha!"

4. Honest interviews

Klopp has been particularly frank in his interviews. Once, he revealed what his headmaster said about him when he was about to leave school. He had said: "When I left school, the head said, 'I hope you can do something in football because, if not, I have not the best feeling for your future."

5. Broken glasses

When the Liverpool team defeated Norwich City on January 23, 2016, the players mobbed on to their German coach, breaking his spectacles in the process. And this is what he said about it: "One [pair] is in the museum of Borussia Dortmund because we won for the first time against Bayern Munich and Nuri Sahin broke my first glasses. Today it was Adam, it's broken. Usually, I have a second [pair] but until now I couldn't find it because it's really difficult to look for glasses without glasses! I'm not sure if anyone [at the Anfield museum] will ask for them but I will keep them and we'll see."

6. Must strike back!

The club couldn't win the first cup under Klopp. But Klopp wasn't one to take the defeat to heart and lie down. This is what he said: "You have to feel a defeat. You cannot say 'I don't care, it's not important'. It was important and we lost, so that feels not too good. You always have to strike back. We can say all of these things, but you know you can fall down and then you have to stand up. That's the truth, but it's completely normal – only silly idiots stay on the floor and wait for the next defeat."

7. Boom!

The club found its opportunity to respond to the League Cup defeat three days later at a league meeting with the same opposition. They won the match, after which Klopp said: "The best word I can say to describe this is: Boom!"

8. The Beetles

When Klopp talked about his favorite band, he definitely pleased several of his fans. This is what he said: "The best band in the world. My mother said it, my father said it: Number one - The Beatles."

9. Big football moments

Klopp has managed to blend into the Reds folklore, and the match of Liverpool against Borussia Dortmund at Anfield in April 2016 only made it better. This is what he said after the great match: "I know this is a place for big football moments - we didn't start this story, there were other people. But we know about our responsibility to try to write a few nice stories in football and tonight it was a really nice story."

10. The last half-an-hour

During an interview, he revealed a little about what he felt in the last half-an-hour during their match at Anfield. Complementing the supporters at Anfield that day, he said: "The last half an hour against Dortmund [at Anfield] is the best I've ever had. I felt nobody could stop us. I wasn't sure we would score a goal but it was crazy."