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10 Real Reasons Why Relationships Fail

We all want love that would last, love where there’s genuine affection, empathy, respect, and trust. If these things are gone, you can be certain your relationship is doomed.Here are the reasons why relationships fail.


If you casually discuss your personal issues with your friends, constantly criticize your relationship and feel it’s normal – you’re in a troubled relationship. Constantly complaining publicly and moaning how bad or miserable your partner makes you feel is a sign you have lost all respect for your relationship.


Lack or loss of trust is one of the most harmful contagions to a couple’s long-term success. Without trust, a relationship can never have the two key anchors to a strong bond: safety and security. If your partner makes you feel insecure, stonewalls your concerns and has contempt for your fears then your relationship has no foundation on which a future can be built.


Do you discreetly stay in touch with your ex’ - sending harmless texts and convincing yourself and your partner that it’s nothing? Do you get defensive when he/she asks you about your past? Do you like to keep your options open by staying in touch with potential people with whom there could be something ? Are you constantly comparing as to how your relationship would be with another person? If all your answers are yes, then you should do the courtesy to the other person and end your relationship.


Lack of communication or communication in which you are being constantly derisive or are being treated with sarcasm or negativity will just lead to a relationship failure. If you are forced to bottle up your feelings constantly fearing a fight - be sure this would just work as a poison in the relationship.


If your guy constantly checks out other girls and compares you with them – see a red flag instantly. If you feel you have to look over your shoulder and watch him – it’s a sure sign of a disastrous relationship. If your guy is flirting with other girls, it might be a sign of bigger trouble.


If your partner is constantly hooked on the phone – texting/smsing/WhatsApping or generally always preferring the inanimate world than to spend time with you, the frustration and the stress of keeping your relationship afloat will take its toll on you. If you’re no longer willing to put in any energy to make it work, no miracle will do it for you.


Many relationships end because the boyfriend or girlfriend refuses to commit to the relationship. It can get hard if one person is more committed than the other. If your partner is evasive about where he/she sees your relationship going in the future or avoids talking/making any plans for the future, know that your relationship is near to end.


We all have a past, some more colorful than the rest. When you refuse to leave past hurts behinds and keep indulging in what was said, how it was said, you will never be able to move ahead with what you have.


If being together is more of hard work, tears, and explanations and you feel like you’re just bringing each other down, this is a sign of toxic relationship. For example, when one partner is obsessive or constantly suspicious or sarcastic and is hard to communicate with, it will remain more of a burden than a joy.


People who always depend on their partners to make them happy or to entertain them will never be able to sustain a great relationship. If you don’t have your personal hobbies or passions that you follow – and are unhappy being alone with yourself, be certain that the burden will be too heavy for him or her to carry.For more insights, follow me HERE.Subscribe my YouTube channel for more.