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A Car Crash In Delhi 60 Years Ago Gave World The Biggest Superstar 

Life is completely unpredictable. You’ve no clue what’s gonna happen in the very next moment of your life. Taj Mohammad Khan of New Delhi had no idea when he went for a morning walk like any other day. A simple course of event changed his life forever and blessed the world with the biggest superstar SRK. Read on!

It was one normal day for Taj Mohammad.

Taj and his cousin witnessed a crashed car at India Gate in New Delhi when they were having a morning walk. 

There was a lot of blood draining out from the car. 

Without wasting any time, Taj and his cousin helped in rescuing the passengers of the car. 

He pulled out 3 girls and their dad from the car.

One of the girls named Lateef Fatima Khan was quite serious.

As Taj Mohammad’s blood type matched with the young woman, he donated his blood to Fatima Khan. 

Taj Mohammad succeeded in saving the life of Lateef Fatima Khan.

He also looked after Fatima for the next few weeks and fell in love with her. 

Fatima’s father asked Taj Mohammed to marry one of his daughters. 

The young man expressed his wish to marry Fatima Khan.

But Fatima was already engaged at that time. 

However, Taj Mohammad managed to convince her family. 

The couple gave birth to a baby boy after a few years of their wedding. 

That little boy is none other than the King Khan of Bollywood. 

Today, he is ruling the film industry with his charm and talent. 

This is how a morning walk and car crash gave birth to the superstar of the world.