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Doctors Were Shocked To See This Baby Born With Swollen Head After 6 Years 

Hydrocephalus is a fatal disease that causes buildup of water in the brain due to which baby’s head swells up to three or four times than its normal size. A baby born with swollen head has little chances of survival. Somehow, even if the baby managed to survive, his/her quality of life is very poor. However, a brave mother named Jillian Hartman decided to give birth to her hydrocephalic baby. Read on! Recommended story: She found a baby with swollen head in the trash. What she did next...Unbelievable!

Jillian Hartman was excited to learn that she was pregnant with a baby boy. 

Unfortunately, mother’s happiness was short-lived when her baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus during fifth month of pregnancy. 

Doctors advised Jillian to terminate her hydrocephalic baby. 

But mother decided to give birth to her baby.

Meet Robert, the baby born with swollen head. 

Jillian and her son Robert proved the doctors wrong. 

Now, Robert is a 6-year-old boy studying in the first grade. 

Baby born with swollen head is very intelligent and fun-loving. 

Robert loves playing on iPad and piano. 

He faces developmental delays but is smart enough to read, count and identify animals, shapes and colors. 

Baby born with swollen head has undergone several brain surgeries. 

He is fighting every single minute of his life. 

Robert has a cute little brother named Mason.

The 6-year-old boy has challenged all the odds and is leading a happy life now. 

Baby born with swollen head has undergone two different helmet surgeries to help shape his head. 

Lots of prayers, medical care, love and support from his mom contributed in making his life better. 

Robert is a great source of inspiration for all the babies born with swollen heads.

Jillian explained, “Right now he has a wheelchair and a walker. He is very strong-willed and likes to move his own chair. He gets frustrated when others try and push it!”