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Habits You Should Change If You Don't Want To Leave A Bad Impression

There's something crazy about the habits, whether they're good or bad, once you have them, it's very hard to break them. While good habits are not to be broken, bad habits can break you if you do not stand and try your best to overcome them.Here is a list of those habits that you must change  if you have them.

Ever tried running from your bad habits? Not that easy!

But give it another shot and remove the following habits from your system.

Checking phones continuously.

We often do not care how the person sitting next to us feels while we are busy with our smartphones. It just tells how much you are interested in making a conversation.

Not keeping a proper record of all important meetings and conversations. 

You may also use the tools like Producteev to do this.

Having a rude behavior with juniors doesn't make you look any stronger. 

Be humble and make them do what you want.

Not letting anybody else speak at times!

Be a good listener, it helps.

Continuous eye contact embarrasses the other person and makes things uncomfortable.

This is a very important point for having good body language.

Forgetting things like scheduled meetings, name of colleagues and wallet or keys. 

A habit that irritates everyone.

Inappropriate gestures and expressions won't do any good to your image!

Learn a good body language and maintain.