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Meet The Statue Man Of India Who Doesn’t Move For 6 Hours Everyday  

OMG! YEH MERA INDIA is a show of History TV18 that features the amazing talent of incredible India. This show is hosted by comedian and television actor Krishna Abhishek. History TV18 is back with a second season of the show featuring the best oddities of India. Recently, the show featured story of Statue Man from India who standstill for 6 hours every day. The man has been working as a living statue for 31 long years. But how? Let’s check out the story and amazing talent of Statue Man from India. Recommended story: 8 times 'Statue of Liberty' was caught doing naughty things 

Meet the Statue Man of Incredible India who doesn’t move for 6 hours every day. 

It may sound crazy to you but it’s actually true. 

The name of this living statue is Abdul Hafiz. 

He stands as a statue every day at the VGP Golden Beach Resort Chennai. 

This man has been working for as a living statue for 31 years. 

You won’t believe that he has not laughed, moved or blinked during his job. 

Living statue doesn't even move an inch.

What's the secret behind his amazing talent? Any guess?

Abdul Hafiz practices power yoga every day. 

He never skips yoga and other exercises in the morning.

The management challenged visitors to move him once. 

A reward of Rs.10, 000 was kept to move the living statue.