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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Movie Review: Aish-Ranbir's Sizzling Chemistry Is A Must Watch 

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is an emotional roller coaster ride. It begins with an amazing kissing scene between Alizeh (Anushka) and Aayan (Ranbir), a treat at the start itself. In the beginning, it is all fun-loving and peppy. You will not even know when the first half is over and intermission strikes. The movie has a good momentum and binds the audience with all the humor, fun, and sass.Although the movie is many-a-times abrupt, as Ranbir and Aish cannot stay off each other whenever they meet. Their chemistry is something to drool for. A treat to the eyes. Both of them have matched up to each other's charisma, which is another USP of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Anushka Sharma- Alizeh.

The girl has simply nailed the role. She has portrayed a sassy yet humorous and fun-loving girl with extreme ease. Her acting was undubiously to die for. Alizeh is a girl who doesn't like to smile or cry. She likes the in-between way. She loves thorns more than flowers and mind you, she has her apt reasons for this choice. She is the one who transforms Ayaan, from a boy to a man. Alizeh has already been hurt in love once, when her college fling DJ Ali (Fawad Khan), ditched her. She looks for friendship now. Alizeh is actually a cutie-pie!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Saba Taliyar Khan

Stupendously fantastic! No better a description for this sensuously beautiful lady. Aishwarya, as Saba has made a dramatic comeback. Hey eyes... Ohh my God! Just can't take my eyes off her. She is a Shayar (a poet), in the movie. And her dialogue delivery is something to fall her, besides her sashay and enticing looks. Not to forget her "mai kisi ki zarurat nhi khwahish banna chahti hu". She is one who unites Anushka and Ranbir back, when they fall off. Long way to go Aish! 

Ranbir Kapoor- Ayaan Sangar

His superb acting skills and the funboy look has made this movie. He has transformed from simple infatuation to deep love. In the first half, he is a fun loving boy and after the interval, he realizes his intense love for Alizeh. Ranbir wants to be a singer as intense and as soulful as Mohammad Rafi.  The age difference between him and Aishwarya has been overshadowed with their sizzling chemistry. Superb acting dude. You've taken our hearts away!

The unexpected yet undying friendship between Alizeh and Ayaan. A turn on!

They accidentally meet at a bar and then their friendship spirals. She takes him to Bollywood dance class they bond really well. The silent disco is real cool. There is a point in the movie when the two dance together to the beautiful love song, lag jaa gale. It is just really cool. Also, this dialogue of Anushka is real cool, "Pyaar me junoon hai, par dosti me sukoon hai", has made us all connect to their bond even better.

The grand cameos.

This was an absolutely star-studded movie, just like any other Karan Johar movie. Alia Bhatt played DJ Alia, Lisa Hayden as Ranbir's fling and Shah Rukh Khan as Aishwarya's husband. How can we forget the much controversial, Fawad Khan, who was Anushka's past in the movie?

The men behind the remarkable dialogues in the film.

The dialogues are just too apt and highly connectable. Thanks to Karan Johar and Niranjan Iyengar for this. I literally waited till the end to catch the names of dialogue writers of the movie.Dialogue 1- "Ek tarfa mohobbat ki baat hi kuch aur hoti hai, wo rishto ki tarah do logo me nahi bat ti."Dialogue 2- "Mohobbat karna hamare bas me nhi, par usse door jaana hamare bas me hai". This dialogue brought a turning point in the movie. Obviously, no guesses, it was delivered by our very own diva, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Excellent acting.

Yes, all the stars in the movie performed really well. From Ranbir and Anushka's fun-filled roles in the beginning to Ranbir and Aishwarya's hot chemistry to Fawad (as DJ Ali) and Anushka's fierce love, every part was done full justice to. Keep up the good work guys!

From music to lyrics to screenplay...

Most peppy of all, The Breakup Song with its amusing and exciting lyrics, Bulleya with its blazing setu, Channa Mereya as a lover's song, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil expresses the sorrow of love and lastly, Cutiepie as a chill track, have all won us. Arijit Singh's voice has put many of them on loops in our playlist.

How can we forget?

Anushka Sharma's real life dream has been nearly fulfilled in the movie. She wanted to dance on the snow covered mountains wearing a Chiffon saree, like all other Bollywood actresses. Finally, she has done it. As it is always said, "What you truly desire, you finally get that". Anushka has played a complete Bollywood buff in the movie, from being a fan of Mohammad Rafi, to wanting her hero to stop her at the airport. 

Spoiler Alert!

Anushka gets diagnosed with cancer and loses her hair due to chemotherapy. To your astonishment, Ranbir plays an extremely loyal friend and he himself gets bald for her. Indeed an emotional and empathetic gesture Ranbir! 

So, it's a thumbs up from WittyFeed.

You can go and watch this Bollywood drama. We would give Ae Dil Hai Mushkil a rating of 3.5/5.On Acting - 4/5On Dialogues - 4.5/5Music - 4/5Locations - 3/5 (For the amazing houses of Ranbir Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the film!)Have a fun-filled and Happy Diwali!