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Best And The Most Affordable Places To Travel This Winter

Summer holidays are too mainstream, so how about taking a break and escaping to get some warmth this winter? To satiate your wanderlust here are some free spirited in the budget travel destinations from around the world. Binge in the sun with your soul in your backpack and check them out, because when it comes to traveling - once a year shouldn't really be enough and trust me, here is a world of reasons to make you believe that!

The Seychelles - East Africa

One of the most beautiful havens of about 115 islands, this place, is surreal beyond faith. This archipelago will not burn a huge hole in your pocket if planned wisely and at least a month or two prior. Mahé, La Digue, Praslin, and Victoria are the prime destinations with absolute divine and picturesque sights of beaches and amazing coral life for the ones who snorkel.

Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic 

The Caribbean has been on the hottest destinations for winters since time ever. Being the busiest in the month of January a trip to Caribbean might be little pricey but definitely not if you escape to this province of Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata where you can relish the nightlife, culture and luxury of the Caribbean at the most reasonable price. Also, it's a place to get away from the tourist crowd along with enjoying the finest travel experience.

Boracay Island - The Philippines 

Often cited for having one of the most beautiful beaches in the recent years, this tiny island is a mixed bag of everything that a traveler seeks. From the tranquillity on the beaches to hustle on the array of shops, this place will keep you on your toes and no matter how much you love it all during the day, you would always stay back to watch the dreamlike sunset here.   

Goa - India

The land of spices, seafood, spirituality and of course trance parties, this state in India has to be the point of cultural amalgamation. The laid back tropical vibe, the tinge of Indo-Portuguese lifestyle and its age old colonial architectures will etch beautiful memories in your soul. The nightlife and food here is definitely the experience of a lifetime.

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

A concoction of pulsating city life and placidity of the countryside make this city in Vietnam almost impossible to miss if talking about budget traveling or even otherwise. Due to its significance in the Vietnam War, this has numerous museums and art galleries glorifying the past and being a treat to history amateurs. Also, Vietnam being the highest coffee exporter, this city will ensure you take back home its indigenous coffee and surely stop by for some on the way.

Tenerife Island - Spain

A jar of extraordinary cultural diversity, this is one of the most celebrated and populous island on the archipelago of seven Canary islands. The 'must visit' list if coming here would be really long - ranging from modern art galleries, temples, carnival celebrations, sandy beaches, tropical forests to sight seeing at the Pico del Teide, Spain’s tallest snow mountain. 

Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt  

A resort town near the Red Sea is travelers' paradise. It is known for its coral reefs, sandy beaches, and exquisite resorts, this town never fails to impress, more so with all kinds of facilities ranging from water sports to desert safaris. Also, this place is a one-stop destination for shopping and entertainment.

Lima - Peru

Lying on the Pacific coast of Peru, this capital is the ever-growing metropolis. A rich union of past and present, one cannot miss its famous culinary variety and display of pottery and artworks. Standing above and along a long coastline of cliffs, veiled in history, and full of tasteful delights, this budget friendly city will always welcome you.