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Unique Sculpture Made Entirely Of Color Pencils Gave Its Artist A Huge Success

Being an artist means pushing the boundaries of art again and again. Staying relevant in such a creative and competitive industry requires you to go beyond your safe zone. Even though it sounds difficult, being an artist also allows you to express things the way you want to freely.Check out the stunning works of illustrator and designer Molly Gambardella.

Meet Molly Gambardella.

She is a fantastic artist who has a great experience in illustration, design, and in screen printing.

She loves exploring the possibilities of her art.

Thus, she always thinks about ways to do something new every single time.

Miss Gambardella can do magnificient illustrations.

This is just one of her alluring illustrations.

She is also capable of making structures like this one.

This is a small version of the Trinity Episcopal Church. She just used recycled cardboard for this one!

One of her most recent works is her "Color Blind" pencil sculpture.

It was made up of hundreds of color pencils. The concept is so simple, yet the result is stunning.

Her color pencil sculpture immediately became viral.

Her work has been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Instagram. It even became the top post on Reddit.

Check out the back side of her work!

She was clearly dedicated when she did this sculpture.

Miss Gambardella can take beautiful photos.

She took this photo of a mushroom surrounded by moss while she was hiking.

She even made art based on eukaryote cells.

Gambardella did this for her class focusing on man's relationship with the environment.

The artist also designed this intriguing piece.

Its materials included copper wire, LED lights, lenses, and copper pipes.

Even this simple artwork evokes a sense of gloom.

Her style of painting and the colors she used made this quite bittersweet in tone.

Let's hope she continues inspiring us with her amazing works.

It looks like Molly Gambardella isn't stopping anytime soon. Her viral color pencil sculpture resulted in her receiving many possible commissions that will help her financially.