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Don't Fear My Words, Fear My Silence

Her silence will not protect you. It will kill you.Silence is an art which screams so fast even without a medium, right? It can be yes, no, agreement or disagreement. Sometimes it may lead to contentment or dissatisfaction, safety or fear. An absence of sound can later be accompanied by the smile of approval or the scorn of judgment.Silence itself speaks to the lack of verbal and emotional intimacy. You just have to hear it by heart. Ears don't work in such cases.Shh! Let the peace decide your 'relationship path'.

Don't get nervous when I yell or blame you.

Do not worry when I throw tantrums and send you lengthy essays explaining why I’m insane. Do not worry when I knock on your door in the center of the evening considering that I got hurt. Do not fret when I cry at night thinking of you.They are all shadows of mine love. They’re all cries for your concentrate, and they all unveil how substantially I like you.

But fret when my messages turn into a single sentence.

You need to worry when our conversations become too small, suffer when I no longer struggle about what you say, fret when I finish knocking on your door, and my tears start flowing on your floors.

My silence is much more dangerous than my words.

Just for the reason that this implies you are no lengthier worthy of the struggle, you are no more prolix worthy of the anger, and your flames that produced to burn my enthusiasm have now frozen my soul.My silence can destroy substantially a lot much more than my words.

 You are no more worthy of the noise.

A glimpse of my love can be seen through my text. I write by my blood, but you read it by your ego. If you can't understand my emotions, how can you get my words?My message represents the feelings of my depth, and they’re more trustworthy than you.

My silence is my sign of departure, and it is the beginning of the finish.

My silence indicates that I don't care. My silence means you do not deserve my text. Don't fear of my words, fear of my silence. Sometimes darkness doesn't need a shadow to escape. They need peace to fly.My tongue speaks my emotions. Your mouth speaks your arrogance.

My silence is a reaction to your silence. It is how I get fair with you.

So, do not panic my heated arguments, the techniques which I used to demonstrate who I am, the tears which come out as a result of my pain. You mean everything to me, but that don't give you a license to disrespect me, to call me a freaking 'bitch.'I want to fight you not because I hate you but because I love you more than myself. Your smile is my strength, but my tears are your sign of masculinity. WTF! I want to talk. I want to laugh, but whenever it comes to my self-respect, I want to quit. I don't want to answer your silly questions. My silence is loud enough to make you realize who I am and what I can do to protect my self-esteem.But panic the operating day it all stops, fear the working day when all the factors go tranquil, alarm the evening you hurt me and I smile, panic the night you annoy me and I do not answer. Just for the reason that it implies I’m prepared to go, it indicates that I’m ready to depart and it means I’m ready to disappear. Again, I'm saying you don't fear my words, fear my silence.