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Misunderstandings About Feminism Explained From A Layman’s Point Of View

Years back when I was first discovering the concept of feminism, one of my teachers advised me that it is the worst thing for a girl to follow. I asked, why? The answer she gave were not satisfactory thus I kept on exploring more. With passing years, more and more people told me that feminism is bad, though none of them could clearly explain but all of them had one thing in common. They were very good at explaining the notions that have made feminism into no less than a cuss word.Almost 12 years have passed since my teacher tried to induce the wrong notion of the concept and it is saddening to see that still many possesses the exactly same idea. Try to say on a common social media platform that you are a feminist and you will be welcomed with the shower of cuss words.

They do hate men.

The most common misconception about feminism is that it is a way to hate men. NO. It is a way to achieve such a social situation in which the above statement stands false. It is a way to ensure no one is oppressed because of their gender.

Feminism is a fancy term.

It is a term alright but not a fancy one. It is a way of showing that you support the change and is a part of the same.

Equal opportunities not equal results.

There is a lot of complaint about the fact that women get reservations and things are easier for them Well, the truth is there was a need for providing the reservations to speed up the process of empowering women and bridging the gap. It is true that there are some who misuse the opportunity but there are those who are in actual need of the same.

Men also suffer.

The horror of patriarchy is faced not only by women but men too. From being the bed earner of the family to not crying, there are different situations where men are oppressed. We need feminism not only for women but men too as it preaches for equality.

She is the man.

The thinkers and preachers are often branded as not being someone who is 'girly.' That is another stereotype existing in the society. No one gets intimidated by a strong independent man, then why do the same for a woman?

Miles to go.

The society is changing and we have crossed a long way but there are many more steps to take to attain the final goal of equality.

Informed opinion.

Thousands of words have been written supporting the positive changes brought by feminism and also to explain what it isn't. Thousand more will also be written. However, nothing will change if you don't. So, take a moment to realize that there is actually something wrong with our society and how you can play a part in bringing change.