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This Legendary Guy Actually Shoots For His Facebook Profile Picture.

Facebook has revoltuionzed our life. It has changed our lives. People love to keep their facebook profiles in the best manner possible. They update their smallest activity on facebook from having a dinner to a restaurant check-in. This guy is taking it to a whole new level. Looks like he actually 'shoots' for his profile pictures. And pretty good pictures at that. Check out his latest uploads here. What do you think? A complete waste of time or a trend setter? For more stories, follow Wittyfeed on twitter.

Playing with apples was never a good idea..

Very convincing

That's bad, really bad!

Expecto Patronum?

Dashing one

Looking for 'Likes'?

Are those real or stuff birds?

Looking absolutely Maginificent

Two words- Fire Arms

That song 'Call me a Doctor'.