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Akshay Kumar Does This For The Unwell Producer Of His First Film  

We all have seen our favorite celebs playing an ideal role in the movies but have you observed them like this in real? Well, among very few Bollywood stars, Akshay Kumar is the one who never denies helping out his close acquaintances and of course needy ones.Well, the actor has recently reached out to help Ravi Shrivastava, the producer of his first film. The actor and his deeds indeed prove him to be an epitome of humanity.Read on for the full scoop.

Akshay Kumar– The real Khiladi!

Akshay Kumar entered Bollywood with the film ‘Saugandh’ in 1992 but there was a movie ‘Dwarpaal’ which was looking for the debut of the actor.

Dwarpaal was Ravi Shrivastava’s movie that did not get released somehow.

The 1991 film which was meant to give a break to Akshay shelved for some unknown reasons. And so, Ravi Shrivastava was the first producer who signed up Akshay.

After that movie, Ravi’s career did not go well, as a result, he suffered immense problems.

He invested all his life fortune in the movie and even after that he couldn’t do much.

Ravi is suffering from damaged kidneys now!

He lives in the state of poverty and in this hour of need no one is supporting him except Akshay.

The real Khiladi offered the help to Ravi who is dying of kidney problems.

Akshay offered 17 lakhs to the producer Ravi to get a kidney transplant.

Akshay responded on Twitter.

One of the followers of Akshay shared an article link on the ailing producer, in return of which Akshay replied on Twitter.