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Most Weird Fashion Trends Around The World.

Fashion is just an accessory for someone with great style but for some, fashion is their passion. We follow fashion to enhance our personality and look good but for many others fashion doesn't associate with their style, looks and personality. They just define their new fashion trends and they don't follow any of famous celebrities or models. You will be amazed after looking at these pictures of weird fashion trends around the world. So, wait no more and check this out! Source Feel free to share with your friends and for more such interesting stories, follow us on twitter @wittyfeed.

1. Live pet jewelry, Dutch!

2. EIF Boots, Mexico

3. Mosquito Net Pants!

4. Gothic Lolita, Japan

5. Meggings, All over the world!

6. Eye Tattoos, Canada!

7. Manba, Japan!

8. The Facekini, China!

9. Bagel Heads, Japan!

10. Fake Braces. Thailand, Indonesia and China!