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18 Coolest Ways To Decorate Your Home This Diwali Without Much Shopping

Wish to deck up your home this Diwali and are falling short of time? We may be of help to you. Here are some easy and quick hacks for Diwali Decor 2017. This Diwali be creative.Exhausted of searching ideas to decorate your home? Don't have time to purchase those fancy lamps and candles? Making all efforts to make your family happy? Wishing you get at least 30 hours of that 24-hour day for everyone else? Busy shuttling between home and office? Barely able to accomplish the mission of Diwali cleaning? Here is a one-stop solution to all of this. Check this out people.Explore your house to find these amazing uses of easily available things in the house. Put these to the best use and earn accolades from your guests. Moreover, even your kids and family members will be glad to help you with these interesting tricks. 

1. Shot Glasses 

#1 As flower candlesWe present to you some out-of-the-box uses of shot glasses. Time to take them out of the almirah. Take some fresh flower petals, a small candle and pop them into the glasses as shown. Ahoy, table decor for this Diwali is ready.

#2 and #3

#2. Or you can simply place a scented candle in a glass and tie ribbons and flowers around it.#3. All you need is some gel wax, beach decoratives such as stars and shells, candle wicks and shot glasses.  

#4 Glitter candles

Paint the outside half of the shot glass with glue and sprinkle some glitter on it. Let it dry. Place scented candles inside.

2. Paper Cups

#1 Light StringFairy lights and paper cups- all you need for this amazing lighting.

We can have as amazing results as this...

All we need is some innovation.

#2 As a corner lamp

3. Baking paper cups

Some colourful baking paper cups pinned on to fairy lights, result in this vibrant decor.

4. Mason jars

These are one of the widely found items at home. Add some sand and place a candle inside, then hang them on plants or from the ceiling. What a beautiful sight they create!

Wrap an old lace around your jar to get this.

Just throw in some lights to illuminate a corner of the house.

They look classy.

5. Using leftover glass bottles

Glass bottles of wine, ketchup can be craftly used by painting them with opaque or see-through colours. To add glamour, fairy lights can be placed inside them. 

6. Have a lot of old bangles?

And you don't plan to use them anymore? Then put them to some artistic use this festival season. Stack and stick them together using glue and your bangles diya is ready.

7. Flower garland decor

This is extremely easy and the least time consuming. Just get some marigold garlands and place them craftily as shown. This is eye-catching. It will make your house bright.

A beautiful corner of flowers

You can colour any corner of the house or garden by arranging flower garlands and petals as shown.

8. Fresh flower candles

Take a fresh well-bloomed flower, an old candle and a spoon. Heat the spoon on a flame and with the back of it press each petal of the flower onto the candle on which you want to stick it. The end-produst is really beautiful.

How about some quilling candles?

Make some quilling patterns and stick a candle on it.

10. DIY balloon lantern

Inflate a balloon and spin some glue-dipped string around it. Let it dry. Slowly deflate the balloon and remove it. Lastly, put in a bulb and hang.

11. This is stupendous.

Take a hanger, some cling pins and old tins. Arrange them together as shown and place a candle inside. What you get is an innovationGo ahead and flaunt these tips.

12. Wineglass lamps

This Diwali use your wine glasses as lamps. Place an led or candle inside them and cover them with any patterned sheet. 

13. Paper bubble lights

Some craft work for you. Do as the photo suggests. A good trick to engage your kids.

14. Gather some shells...

And melt some old coloured candles. Place a wick in these shells and pour the melted wax. The result is these vivid candles.

15. Cinnamon candles

The smell of cinnamon is extremelt purifying. Take some cinnamon sticks and place them around any candle. Lastly, tie them together with string. 

16. Fruit candle!

Ever imagined the cover of oranges can be put to use? Yes, they can. Scoop out the inside of an orange or sweet lime and put in some molten wax witha wick. And here, your fruit candle is ready. 

17. Vibrant.

Put top use some old colourful dupattas. Hang them like this and your house will become a palace.

18. Craft for your kids

This tutorial is for a chocolate box. A safe craft for kids.If this article was of help to you, do recommend to your friends and family. Have a Creative Diwali!