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Owner Of A 1950s House Comes Back After 56 Years And Does This To His Home

I don't know what is the reason behind the color pink to relate it with females but yes, all the ladies will fall in love with the pink kitchen which I am going to show you. I bet that this ostentatious kitchen will also make the males have a second thought before renovating their home's kitchen.But there's a mystery behind this one... the house has been built in 1956, but it was never lived in until the owner came along in 2010. Bizarre! Isn't it? I mean how can one make a dream house and leave it unused for years and years. And why wasn't it occupied is still a mystery.Leaving that aside, come let's explore the beautiful house which would tempt you also to live in.Recommended for you: What This Couple Found In Their Kitchen While Remodeling It Will Shock You

The color pink had a different meaning for the people in 1950's

Pink was an exceptionally popular color for the bathrooms and kitchens during that time...

Actually, pink was the favorite color of Mamie Eisenhower. She loved the color so much that she had her cotton balls have the pink color!To all who are unfamiliar with Mamie Eisenhower, her full name was Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower, who was the wife of United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and also the First Lady of the United States of America.

Inspired from 'Mamie Pink'

..the color soon became a national symbol for the American household.

Mamie redefined the shades of color Pink.

Making it to be the ideal model for the American housewives.

Mamie was described as:

A very down-to-earth person, who loved to play scrabble and watch soap operas. She wore noisy bracelets.

Pink became a symbol of class as well as patriotism because of Mamie.

Also, pink was certainly not considered as a 'girly' color.

More than 5 million people had imitated this pink kitchen design for their houses.

Haha! This one is interesting to know.

The presidential headquarters contained so much of pink because of which the White House was actually dubbed the "Pink Palace."

The appliances were pink as well. Ladies... I know what you are wishing for!