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Finally! The Baby Born With Adult Sized Tongue Is Smiling

A sixteen-month-old baby who could have been choked to death due to her own tongue finally smiles for the first time. Due to a rare genetic disease, Paisley Morrison-Johnson was born with a huge tongue which made her tongue grow two times more than her mouth. The kid who suffered breathing problem since the first month of birth is finally having a good time of her life. Recommended Story : Meet This Adorable Baby Who Just Got A Successful Surgery

Paisley Morrison-Johnson is a sixteen-month-old baby born with adult sized tongue.

The baby is doing well after going through tongue reduction surgery.

The baby was suffering from Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, which is a genetic condition.

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome causes abnormal growth of specific part of the body.

This rare condition affects one in 13700 babies worldwide.

The mother observed that her kid was born with a huge tongue during the C-section.

Paisley Morrison-Johnson was immediately shifted to NICU in Sioux Falls for the tongue reduction surgery.

Paisley spent three and a half month there and completed the diagnosis.

First month Paisley underwent a tongue reduction surgery and got for the second at thirteenth month.

Surgeons were disappointed with the case and here is what they said -

“The surgeon was like, ‘this is the largest tongue I’ve ever seen, especially for this small of an infant."