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11 Heart-Touching Moments Shilpa Shetty Spent With Her Father 

Shilpa Shetty lost her dad Surendra Shetty due to cardiac arrest on October 11, 2016. It was a very difficult moment for the actress as nothing in this world can cope up with the death of her father. Surendra Shetty suffered from heart attack during his sleep and passed away in early morning. His family rushed him to the hospital but even doctors failed in saving his life.   Recommended story: Shilpa Shetty pens down a heartfelt letter for her late father 

1) Shilpa pictured with her father at her engagement ceremony. 

Shilpa was very close to her dad. 

2) Shilpa pictured with her dad at the launch of her brand Viaan Phone.

The 41-year-old actress shared a special bond with her dad as it is evident from the pictures. 

3) Shilpa pictured with her family and R. Madhavan’s family at Shamita’s birthday bash in February 2016. 

She said in an interview: “I want my son to be just like my dad.” 

4) Shilpa with her mom, dad and son seeking blessing of Andheri Cha Raja in 2015. 

She was her daddy's little princess. 

5) Shilpa pictured with dad at her book launch ‘The Great Indian Diet’ in November 2015. 

Shilpa's dad always used to make public appearances with his beloved daughters on special occasions. 

6) Shilpa dancing in the procession of Ganpati with her father in 2013. 

Shilpa’s dad was the hero of her life. 

7) Shilpa pictured with her dad and mom at Ganesh Visarjan in 2011.  

She was seen broken and devastated at the funeral of her dad. 

8) Shilpa with her dad attending the annual 'Little Hearts Marathon 2016.'  

Dhadkan actress wrote a touching letter in the memory of her late father. 

9) Shilpa pictured with family at Shamita’s birthday bash in 2015. 

She wrote in the letter that the death of her dad has broken a link in her family chain and left a deep scar in her heart. 

10) Shilpa with her dad and son offering milk to Lord Krishna.  

Shilpa is left with few beautiful memories spent with her father. 

11) Shilpa's happy family

RIP Mr. Surendra Shetty.May God give courage to Shilpa to bear the biggest loss of her life.Share this story with Shilpa Shetty fans around you.  For more Bollywood stories, click here.Subscribe.