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What's The New Relation Between Salman Khan And Kapil Dev?

After making a phenomenal movie on India's captain, MS Dhoni, Phantom Productions is all set to make an epic movie on Kapil Dev's role in the 1983 World Cup. The news is leaked that Salman Khan will be playing the lead in the movie. Director Kabir Khan will be showing how India magnificently won the World Cup In Kapil Dev's leadership and it proved to be the most golden moment in the history of Indian cricket. 

The movie will be based on 1983's World Cup. 

India was able to win the World Cup under Kapil Dev's leadership. 

Salman's favorite director Kabir Khan will direct this movie. 

This movie will be created by Phantom Films to inspire all the youngsters of India. The youth shouldn't lose their hope and keep working hard for what they desire in life. 

Just like Kapil Dev did. 

Many of the cricketers who were present in the Indian team during the 1983 World Cup will be mentors to the actors. Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Kirti Azad, Krishmachari Srikkanth, Yashpal Sharma and Syed Kimani are only among the former cricketers that will be present.  

The film will start later this year. 

Kabir Khan will be wrapping up his current movie, Tubelight, and then starting on with this project. 

So far, nothing else has been announced. 

Nothing is finalized on this project, but the directors and producers are definitely bending towards Salma

Salman Khan wasn't available for comment. 

But according to reports, he is thrilled to be working with Kabir Khan. 

This movie will only focus India's World Cup win in 1983. 

Kapil Dev was captain to the team during the World Cup and until today, it remains to be the golden moment in the Indian cricket history.