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Getting Intimate With Dead Bodies & Other Traditions In India That Are Bizarre

The traditions get torturing sometimes and leave us agape with never-ending questions. From all those never-ending questions, some can be answered and some can't.Some of the customs and traditions followed in India are so weird that they shudder us to the bottom of our hearts. Come let's have a look at these unusual rituals followed in the country.

1. Where: Karnataka

Tradition: Burying children in the sand.The child is buried in the sand up to the neck for six hours to relieve him from the physical and mental illness.

2. Where: Mahalakshmi Temple, Tamil Nadu

Tradition: Aadi FestivalThe priests smash coconuts on the heads of the devotees. The reason behind this is the belief that it will bring good luck and health to the devotee.

3. Where: Mahalakshmi Temple, Tamil Nadu

Tradition: Garudan ThookkamDevotees hang themselves from a shaft, by hooking from the back, i.e. the hooks are pierced through their skin of the back. The hanging fans are then carried out around the city in a procession.

4. Where: Madhya Pradesh

Tradition: Cattle TramplingThis is a tradition where villagers lay down and allow the cows to walk over them. The cows are painted with colour, decorated with flowers, and henna before carrying out this custom.

5. Where: Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra

Tradition: Animal WeddingsThis picture is from a marriage of the frogs. The same is carried out with the donkeys and dogs as well. Where it is believed that such weddings will bring good rainfall the village. These marriages are arranged according to the Hindu rituals.

6. Where: Banaras

Tradition: CannibalismThe Aghori sadhus in Banaras find purity in the ugly. They do intercourse with a corpse and eat human remains; finding it to be a way of connecting to God. 

7. Where: Karnataka

Tradition: Made SnanaIt is a very weird one, where people from a low-class roll over the food leftovers by the high-class. It is believed that this custom will swipe away all the ailments from their life.

8. Where: Tamil Nadu

Tradition: ThimithiThere is a walk of over a burning bed of coal and the steps have to be taken slowly. This tradition is done in the commemoration of Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. It is believed that this will bring blessings to her. 

9. Where: Andhra Pradesh

Tradition: Bani Festival The devotees beat each other with sticks on their heads. This is carried out on Dussehra every year in Devaragattu temple in Andhra Pradesh to recall the killing of the demon by Shiva.