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This Man Discovered His Wife Was A Man After 19 Years Of Marriage... Shocking!

A 64-year-old Belgian man Jan discoverd that his wife used to be a man. This was the most shocking news for him because he discoverd this after 19 year of his marriage. He said that "I feel I have been assaulted". In the Het nieuwsblad news paper he described the discovery that his Indonesian wife, Monica, is a transsexual. Image courtesy: thatpedia For more hilarious facts follow us on @WittyFeed


2. He said that in an interview "I thought she was an attractive woman.according to Jan that there were no clues even during moments of intimacy.

3. Jan said that I learned the shocking truth from one of his wife's relatives.

4. "One evening I confronted her and she finally confessed she had been born a boy and had a sex change operation."