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Waitress Pays Bill For Firefighters And Gets Shocking Surprise In Reward

One simple act of kindness can change the world around you. The healing power of kindness is amazing but not many of us realize it and apply in our lives.Well, this girl is different. Being waitress by profession, she found a beautiful way to show respect and appreciation for the service, firefighters offer. Her kind behavior deserved something beautiful. Here’s how she got repaid for her good deed.

New Jersey waitress Liz Woodward, who decided to pay for firefighters breakfast.

Liz’s decision to pay for breakfast of firefighters prompted them to help her back in a beautiful manner.

How did it start?

Liz was working at the Route 130 Diner in Delran when she saw two firefighters entering the cafe at 5:30 a.m. and demanding coffee and breakfast.

The two firefighters were talking about the major warehouse fire they battled with.

Tim Young and Paul Hullings were talking about their overnight shift. To which Liz heard and thought of paying for their meal.

She wrote a thankful note with the check. That read:

Simply act of kindness!

The firefighters got touched by her words and so he wrote on Facebook about this.

He even mentioned that if Liz happens to be your waitress, tip big!

This wasn’t the end. Tim Young found something else...

He spotted that Liz was raising funds to buy a wheelchair van for her father.

Yes, Liz’s father suffered from a brain aneurysm...

After knowing about Liz’s father and knowing that the kind woman was in need of help, they decided to help her out, mentioned about it on their Facebook page and urged others to help her too.

The ‘GoFuneMe’ campaign started by Liz started garnering more support.

The page’s goal was to raise only $17,000 but soon after knowing her because of kindness, donations started rolling and they raised $70,252.