What This Man Made Under These Stairs Will... Totally Leave You Amazed.

Getting a small house for your pet can be expensive. Instead, why not utilize a little space which was already going waste in your house. Here is a DIY project idea which utiizes under the stairs space for making an adorably cute house for your lovable pet. These is a very easy life hack for pet lovers so that our cute animals get a sweet home. For more stories on pets, follow us on twitter. Source: imgur

This under the stairs space is getting wasted almost in every house!

Go ahead and cut a hole through it to further utilize it for making the perfect dog house.

This cute little sad puppy definitely needs his own space to relax.

Just don't let him sleep under anything. Give him his own house.

Getting the ideal shape for the dog house.

Make your baby dog sit inside the space to make sure that the house is sufficient for him/her.

Measure the dimensions accurately.

Length as will as width.

It is important to take the exact measurements to make sure that your dog fits in comfortably. Keep the door of the dog house large enough for your pet to enter their space easily.

Use wooden panels to define the dog house

He surely loves it!

Almost done! :-)

Finish them with wooden shims.

Look at this naughty baby waiting for the house to be made.