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Is Your Boyfriend A Husband Material? These Questions Will Help You Know!

Ladies! Have you ever imagined your future with the guy you're dating? Of course, you have. That's the thing about us women. Before we start setting relationship boundaries, we want to evaluate its future prospects. The first question we think about is how our boyfriend would be in the long run. Is he husband material? Or should we give up any hopes to settle with him? When you're troubled with such questions, what do you do? Well, don't go wondering about the future just yet. Ask him these questions and make your judgments based on his answers. 

1. Is he hot? 

Well, obviously he's gonna have to be hot. Why did you agree to be his girlfriend anyway? You definitely found him attractive. 

Looks is the first thing you notice about anyone. 

If you've managed to get through the date without wanting to run away from him, he's definitely attractive. 

2. What else do you like about him? 

Looks aren't the only factor that can keep a relationship going. It has to be coupled with some other qualities that can make the relationship work in the long term. So ask yourself about the qualities that you like about him other than his looks. 

Compare the qualities he has to what you look for in your husband.

Every girl has a specific set of qualities she wants in her perfect man. He should be good with kids or he should be good at cooking. Some think about how strong the partner will be financially or how his family life is. It could be a variety of things. Evaluate all these things when you're thinking about stuff you like about him. 

3. Is he good for you? 

Imagine yourself being stressed out at the end of the day because you've had a bad time at work and think about how your man would be behaving with you. Is he supportive or does he stresses you out even more?

He should be compassionate even during the terrible times. 

In health and sickness is what they say. If he can't be there to support you during your worst times, he doesn't deserve to be with you when you're at your best. 

4. Can you picture your life with him? 

Can you imagine Sunday mornings with him and the kids going for picnics or just chilling on the couch and having breakfast? All these things matter. 

You must be able to think about a life with him. 

Our mind sets out plans for us. If you can't plan for things, they won't happen. Make sure this is what you want and only then go ahead with it. PS: Images used in this article are for representation purpose only.