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From Facing Rejection As An RJ To Conquering Death, Amitabh Bachchan's Journey Is Worth Sharing

''Koshish Karne Walon Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti, Himmat Karne Walon Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti, Lahron Se Darkar Nauka Paar Nahi Hoti, Koshish Karne Walon Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti," this poetic genius of Late Harivansh Rai Bachchan means, "The one who tries never fails, You cannot take your boat across the sea, if you are afraid of waves. The one who tries never fails."While penning down these golden words, Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji would have never thought of someone executing his words into real life. None other than his son and India's legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan proved the world that, ''The one who tries never fails.''Amitabh Bachchan, the man who is said to be the face of Indian Cinema and is the ruler of young, not so young, and old hearts across the globe. But sparing a minute from your hush life, have you ever thought of what took Amitabh Ji to the heights of success? Life was never a bed of roses for this shining star of Bollywood, and it took him all blood, sweat, and tears to climb the stairs up to the stardom. He still did not give up, fought hard and came back to life. What does this all say about Amitabh? It says he is an epitome of never-say-die attitude! 

Let's have a look at the journey of the megastar...

Even at the age of 75, he is still the heart-throb of India. There is an interesting story behind Amitabh Bachchan, who was once a lanky guy, who never even thought of making his way to big screen is now a megastar.

When young Amitabh Ji decided to give it all up and follow his heart, he failed miserably.

With a dream in his eyes of becoming a Radio Jockey (RJ), when he went to All India Radio for a job he was rejected. "It was somewhere in the late sixties when I used to do 20 shows a week, spending most of the day locked up in the sound studio as I was involved in the every process of radio programming. One day, a young man named Amitabh Bachchan walked in without an appointment for a voice audition. I had not a second to spare for this thin man. He waited and left and came back a few more times. But I could not see him and kept telling him through my receptionist to take an appointment and come," said Ameen Sayani in an interview with NDTV, popular Radio Announcer, who got to know later that it was the Sholay star who used to come to his office for the auditions. Ironically, the voice which was not even considered for a voice audition is today the iconic voice of our nation.

Amitabh's hopes and aspirations were crushed by the city of dreams, Bombay.

When this rangy guy took a train to the city of dreams, Bombay (then), he never even imagined about the heartbreak and rejection that waited for his arrival. Bombay, at times a ruthless place, didn't welcome this star with open arms. Like that of other countless people, Amitabh's hopes and aspirations were also crushed by this city with no mercy.Initially, Indian cinema didn't accept Amitabh Ji with his unconventional looks. Every filmmaker he approached showed strong reluctance towards him being too tall, little dark, and hoarse voice. They found him to be 'too average' to be exposed on screen.And finally in the year 1969 when...

Amitabh Ji was on the verge of heading back to his home and he got his first break in Bollywood.

Even after facing consistent rejection, he did not get dejected.As they say, 'every cloud has a silver lining', in the year 1969 when Amitabh Ji was on the verge of heading back, he got his first break in Bollywood. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas offered him a role in his flick Saat Hindustani. The film wasn't a commercial hit, but with his brilliant performance, Amitabh Ji bagged his first National Award as the best newcomer and helped him regain his confidence as an actor.But this proved to be a short time success and...

The struggle of this talented soul didn't finish yet. 

After Saat Hindustani, Bachchan kept making efforts to get through all the tests of life. Despite being a National Award winner, Amitabh still had a long way to go. Then came a movie in his way, Anand, which starred the superstar of that era Rajesh Khanna in it. This struggle was a turning point in Amitabh Ji's life. Life provided him with a golden opportunity of sharing screen space with Rajesh Khanna. Although Amitabh Ji was in a supporting role, he performed brilliantly and grabbed eyeballs and got the Film Fare Award that year for the Best Supporting Actor. After the success of the movie Anand, there was no looking back for Amitabh Ji and he went on to the path of glory.When the star was at its best, suddenly his health went down and his fans were almost devastated when the actor conquered death. Read further to know more.

When he conquered death...

Readers do gather some courage to read further because being his die-hard fan; a tear rolls down my cheek when I recall the incident where Amitabh Ji survived death and defeated life's biggest truth.Amitabh Ji suffered a near-fatal accident while shooting an action scene for Manmohan Desai's 'Coolie' in Bangalore in 1982, taking him several months to fully recover. "I went into almost a haze and a coma-like situation. I was clinically dead for a couple of minutes," said Amitabh Bachchan in an interview with a renowned site. 

Big B always proved that the show must go on...

As they say, "Man may come, a man may go. But the show must go on." Big B always showed the spirit of a true gentleman, a flawless actor, a responsible citizen, a doting dad and a loving husband.We proudly confess- "We Love You, Big B."