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Plot - Mirzya

It is a story of Munish (Harshvardhan Kapoor) and Suchitra aka Suchi (Saiyami Kher). They both fall in love, and then something happens in school which leads to a murder and it becomes a reason for their split. After 15 years, they meet again, but in different conditions. Suchi is getting married to a local Prince Karan, and Adil (Munish) is his slave. While learning horse riding, Suchi shares her childhood memories with Adil only to find out that he is no one else but her childhood love Munish. Unable to stay away,  both Suchi and Adil struggle to get married. The reference to this movie is taken from an epic tale of love of Mirza and Sahiban. And you'll also discover some glimpse of their real love story in this film, as Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra uses this technique in all his movies to show two eras parallelly. This film will not let you move your eyes in the theater.

Screenplay & Lyrics - Gulzar

Gulzar Sahab doesn't need any introduction. At the age of 82, this is the most unexpected thing from a writer who decides to write after 17- years of gap. The last screenplay that Gulzar had written was for film Hu Tu Tu (1999) and Gulzar proved that even today, he can write something as fresh and as modern as  Mirzya.This movie is possible, because of Gulzar. The film keeps you engaged from the very first scene that opens with Om Puri. When Om Puri's voice and Gulzar's words are mixed, Mirzya is born. From screenplay to lyrics, each and every word that is spoken in this movie has come out of Gulzar's ink. Hats off, Gulzar Sahab.


Director - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra will take you back and forth in time with his narrative. His technique holds the picture together even if the story is not one of his great works. He directed the script well, and almost half of the movie is conveyed through music and lyrics. This man knows the art of storytelling. He has made commercial cinema worth watching.

Director of photography - Pawel Dyllus

Pawel Dyllus is a Cinematographer from Poland, and he managed this film look so dark and colorful at the same time with his direction in photography, that no one can tell the difference. The shots were extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. Pawel Dyllus in one of the major reasons behind bringing Gulzar's words to life through visuals.


Cast - Harshvardhan Kapoor & Saiyami Kher

"If cinema is canvas, then child artists its colors." No matter how far Harshvardian Kapoor goes in his acting career, but this movie will be unique for him. Every actor wants to start his acting career with this kind of stories, and hardly one in a decade any artist succeeds. There were some places in a movie when Harshvardhan failed to convince the audience to feel his on-screen emotions. But if we talk about overall performance, it's appreciable. No doubt he has worked hard for this film.Saiyami Kher: She's here to stay. More than 10 actresses make their debut in Bollywood each year, but only one or two of them survive in the industry. Saiyami Kher should be ready for some big projects; I think they're already lined up outside her home. She performed exceptionally well, and you cannot tell the difference between her two avatars in the movie both in a different era. Her acting was commendable.

Music & Visual Effects!

After a decade you'll witness such lyrical music which holds time for you and allows you to get lost in it. Gulzar's lyrics have carried this movie forward. The singers have performed exceptionally well. Each and every song is the best fit for the sequences in a film. Daler Mehndi has done some remarkable stuff after a long time. Can't get enough of the title song.Visual Effects: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra delayed the release of this picture a bit, just because he wanted to have the best possible visual effects in this film, and you actually can't tell the difference between real and fake.


3.5 / 5 Stars - 5 Reasons to watch Mirzya!

1. Colourful - The presentation of this movie is so beautiful, that you'd fall in love with some of the scenes and locations.2. Gulzar's dramatic comeback - He is coming back after a long time, and you should watch Mirzya for his poetic presentation of love.3. Harshvardhan Kapoor & Saiyami Kher - Both of them are looking so expressive and comfortable in the movie, that they may become the best debutants of the year.4. Music - Each and every song of the film is epic, Shankar Ehsan Loy and Daler Mehndi have created a masterpiece of music with this album.5. The depiction of Mirza & Sahiban love story: Mirza and Sahiban's love story has been portrayed in many films, but this representation of their story is going to make an impact on you.And last but not the least, every couple should go out and watch this movie in theaters. You'll fall in love with this cinematic experience. Actors are still making their space in this vast industry, so don't expect much from the acting point of view. Everything else about this movie is brilliant!This film deserves 3.5 stars out of 5. A must watch for lovers.For more updates, Click Here.Subscribe