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10 Real Superhumans Caught On Tape Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Have you ever dreamed about having superpowers like going invisible, flying in the air without any harness? Well...we too wish to possess such real powers but everyone is not as lucky as these people.Yes, these are the humans with real supernatural powers. I can easily conclude that our planet earth is no lesser than anything in this universe. Check out the list of those people who are extremely extraordinary.

1. The picture claimed that the creature found in the sky was real life angel.

The picture and video were taken by a tourist on a vacation.

2. The man in the hood!

He was seen running initially and then suddenly got disappeared after getting hit by a bus.

3. Is it teleportation or time travel?

Well, a man walking at the corner of street eventually got disappeared. What do you think who he was?

4.  The man on bike disappears suddenly.

This was caught in the rural US in a CCTV camera.

5. A man was seen walking through the wall of a store. Firstly out and then back in the store.

This got caught in CCTV security footage at some unknown place. A lot many theories have been on this but as you know these type of scenes remain unanswered.

6. A man from God appeared in front suddenly.

This is quite unbelievable, isn’t it? This happened on a highway in Russia.

7. What’s that down there?

I am literally rubbing my eyes off.

8. Who saved that man?

Com'on, it is going scary now.

9. This man was caught time travelling.

He started with a walk then ran and then vanished with a flash of light. Time travellers, I must say!!

10. A full proof of teleportation caught in Russia.

A man from nowhere appeared suddenly. He wasn’t there before.