Transgender Father Gives Birth To A Baby

LGBTs have always struggled to survive in our society. They grow up alone and live alone. But, once in a life, there comes a time when one man sets an example that changes the perception of a whole community. I am talking about the instance where a transgender man gave birth to a baby on his own.It all happened in Ecuador, South America when a Transfeminine woman married a Transmasculine man. The couple announced that they're expecting a baby, and Fernando (Transgender man) is going to bear a child. And he gave birth to a child. Read on for the details.

Fernando and Diana got married like a normal couple!

The couple decided to have their family.

Diana says, "We live as a man and woman. I'm a transfeminine woman and Fernando is a transmasculine person, adding a member to our family is our birthright, and no one can take it away from us."

Fernando wanted to bear a child!

Without any second thought, he agreed on this. He fed the baby for almost eight months in his stomach.

Male pregnancy...

Diana supported him all the way through.

Diana was always there for Fernando, and she took care of his diet and lifestyle to make this happen. And there's no doubt that after this extra care, the baby was born healthy.

Marriage anniversary!

On their first marriage anniversary, the couple celebrated in a restaurant with added member to their family, their baby nicknamed 'Caraote' -  the snail.