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This Girl Finally Found A Reason To Smile When He Left Her A Note In McDonalds

She remained unblinking as she stood in the McDonalds restaurant. The stars were sparkling in the sky like they were happy about something. Something she was oblivious to. Her smile was forced as she ordered her usual. The best part of this place? The server on the opposite end of the table was at least friendly. This made her take a deep breath she has been holding since the time she crossed the threshold of the restaurant. Her eyes thanked the friendly guy for not asking her to repeat. Truthfully, life shone everything except optimism in the days particularly as hard as this one.Pursing her lips, she dodged the small group of people.One of the regrets she held in her heart was that she never had too many friends. Not like these people. Yes, she was an introvert but having at least one friend would have been nice. Breaking the train of her thoughts, she pushed her hips as she carried her plate in her hands.Unseeing everyone, she kept her face hidden in the curtain of her hair. She moved towards the seat she decided was hers. It wasn’t supposed to be a rush hour, she cursed in her head.Why are they even here? Why are people not sleeping? The thoughts kept on coming onto her. And they didn’t seem to stop. But then everything stopped. Her thoughts. Her heart. Her eyes clashed onto him. And as if he could sense her stare at him, his eyes flickered to hers, holding them for few seconds longer than required.Slowly, he entered her head, replacing everything else.And then as if his stare wasn’t already enough to make her lose her momentum, he smiled at her. He freaking smiled at her. A smile that made his lips curve like a cursive line. Her heart thudded wildly under her chest. Blinking a few times, she struggled to break the connection. When it did not, she lowered her gaze and sat down on the closest table.Damn her chosen table!He was here right in front of the chair she was seated at. It’s not like she hadn’t had random options of contemplations running through her head at the moment. Suddenly, he started laughing throatily. His friends must have cracked a good joke, she thought.She stared at his handsome face. The constant crooked smile dancing in the corner of his lips was giving her goosebumps. She sat straighter, her spine transforming into steel. His eyes shifted to hers. Again. Clumsily, her legs got closer; she looked down. Her cheeks the brightest shade of pink.Gradually, she raised her eyes to his. He held them, the smile fixated on his face. Oh god! This was unnerving. She bit her lower lips wondering why he was not looking away. She clutched the loose ends of her black over sized t-shirt. She was the first one to look away, yet again. Will he think that she is a loser? Oh god!She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to talk him right now. He has to know, she kept on repeating. As she got up from her seat, she coughed lightly. Where had she kept her chewing gum? It helped. It always helped. Shuffling through her small denim bag as it slung on her shoulders, her eyes searched for a small silver packet.She couldn’t find it.Muttering a few incoherent words, her mouth twisted as the realization dawned upon her that her shoelaces were untied. Quickly, she bent down, her arms flying to the laces. The contents of her bags spilled all around her.Damn it! This is the worst time to be clumsy. She cursed herself. MuAs she raised her eyes, she noticed from under her eyelashes that he has been noticing her awkward charade. She stilled while her face became a perfect white canvas as he painted so many emotions inside her. Happiness. Excitement. Anxiousness. Her heartbeat ringed in her ears.She should look away. She really should. It’s just that…she didn’t want to. For once, she wanted to let it go. Her eyes shined as he got up from his seat and walked towards her. He stopped beside her. He sat on the floor. Without saying a word, he started to recollect her things. She blinked once. Twice. Thrice.He was here.She started to pick some of the things but really couldn’t focus on anything. He smelled of cherries. God, how she hated cherries!And he was here.“You should be careful,” he said, breaking the silence. Breathe, she reminded herself. She nodded her head, hoping that her timid act was visible enough. “What’s your name?” He asked her softly.Her eyes flew to his as her hand paused while she was picking her notebook. She gulped down her words.Shyly, she took the pen he was holding in his hand. She scribbled a word on the notebook.“Sia,” it read. His questioning eyes searched hers. She gave him an awkward smile.“Rohan,” he whispered in a cool voice. “It’s nice to meet you.” Something in his body language changed. He seemed cold. Hard. Saying nothing after the small conversation they just had. After she zipped her bag, he left without looking back.Something inside her ached. After so long, she felt something breaking inside her. And it kept on breaking. She stood up and re-sat on her chair. Quietly, she munched on her burger, never looking up from it.She struggled to be quicker. She was never good at being quick and now, again she failed. She thought about leaving the French fries but then, wasting food has never been her thing. So, she started to eat them one by one. She tried to drink coke but it only made her throat drier.“Sia, this is for you.” A very male voice addressed her. She stared at the small chit placed in front of her.9909889808 it had scribbled over it. Rohan- it read in the end.She couldn’t stop herself from searching for him. But he left. And he left this. For her. But now she thought what she should do with this little piece of paper. But that would be for later. Right now, she smiled.

Happy World Smile Day!