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I Want To Smile, Give My Million Dollar Smile Back To Me!

"My smile is worthless if you are not the reason behind it," this was the thought when I saw you for the first time. The first meet turned into second, second into third, and so on... but the thought remained the same. Why was this happening to me? Was I the only one to feel so? Wasn't he feeling same? And the bitter truth started shouting loudly that "Yes Miss, unfortunately, you are alone to feel so." Now, let me ask you, what do you think, is it easy to give your 100% to anyone and to get back not even 10% of it? Well, if I talk about the majority, it's the worst scenario anyone can experience. And I am no unique to the majority. But of course, once I count myself in the majority I'll no longer be counted in the bunch of those few special people (according to him). By telling my readers this, I don't wanna show you all how difficult the life is, I just want a small help from you. ''Help from us?'' Yes, from you!But how can we help?Wait... I'll tell you everything, I need you all like a backbone, a support, I need you all to pass my urge up to the person I love the most. I have lost my smile somewhere in the crowd. Please help me in getting it back. Please make my love the reason behind my smile. This 'World Smile Day', I want to smile like anything, want to smile like never before! Can you please help me? Can I count on you guys?"I want to smile, give me back my smile!"

How has life changed after meeting him?

The person of my cadre, who was not having any goals and dreams in her life now has a 'DREAM'. And my dream is not of getting an honors degree from any renowned University, buying a Mercedez or of owning a big house. My dream is to get the 'LOVE' of the person who has taught me the power of dreams.

Standing alone in the midst of this vast journey is very scary.

Why his physical presence somewhere in the world is also not able to compensate the feeling that arouses in my heart every single second? Why does it happen that his distracted eyes leave me all alone and I laugh back at myself and say, see he has no place for you in his heart? I know it's just a myth but this myth will remain same until he doesn't hold my hand and say, "don't worry, I'm there with you and will always be there with you, my kiddo." 

My love for anything finishes in front of him.

I don't know what I like or dislike, the only thing I know is I like 'HIM'. Of course, that means I too want the same in return but, no, I can't get it! And, I can't even ask for what I want, I can't demand. A small piece of advice to share, "Never demand, life turns unfair when you start demanding."

Loneliness is what's making me unhappy every day.

I feel lonely without him, I feel incomplete without him, but how would he get to know this? How would he believe in my words? These unstoppable thoughts render to my sadistic soul to go up, and my happy-go-happy soul to go down and down. Directly or indirectly, yes, he is the reason behind thieving my sweet smile (yes, it's sweet very sweet) which is lost in search of finding 'HIS' love.

What do I want?

How many people bother about what their loved ones want from them? I guess, there are very few! But, why is it so? Why a simple question becomes a burden for someone to whom you love the most? Maybe because they have such big dreams that they remain busy in their own world and just don't give attention to the outer world or the person who is giving him/her concern. And so is the case with me, I want the love of that person who never wants to get involved in loveology kind of stuff. But, can love affect any one's dream? According to me, NO! Love has the power that can change the world, and I too want to change his world with my love. But, why doesn't he want so? Because, unfortunately, he doesn't love me! "When there is no love, then there is no smile." So ultimately, "I WANT LOVE FROM HIM TO SMILE LIKE NEVER BEFORE."

How can you help me?

This 'World Smile Day', when millions of people would be smiling for themselves, you have to make a very simple gesture of kindness for me, and that is to spread the love for making that person who loves you smile, smile from the bottom of his/her heart. Your love can make a single person smile for a lifetime, and this very own feeling can help me in getting my love and indirectly can bring a smile on my face which is lost somewhere in the search of love.

Wish you and your family a 'Happy World Smile Day'.

Don't forget to smile and make at least a one single smile with your happy face. I wish I could have seen you all smiling.P.S. I was just giving voice to the feelings of a lonely yet happy and blessed girl of my fantasy.You are beautiful, and your smile makes you more charming! Make people smile and share this with your someone special. :) :) :) :) :)