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These 15 Acts of Extreme Kindness Will Make You Shed A Tear.

They say if it's not balanced it will not not work out. Imbalances cause discrepancies. With all the cruelity in the world, getting powerful day by day...did you also came to think that all good has come to an end? No, not yet. There is so much love in the world that to rule it out with tons of evil is not that easy. There is a man who always opens a gate for her mother, there is a girl who always makes two sandwiches in the morning - one for herself and one for the man who lives by the road and there is kid who always saves a chocolate for his friend who comes with the maid. Kindness is really rare these days, whenever we find it, we must celebrate this and we should get inspired by these random acts of kindness. Yes, it is beautiful and it exists. I bring to you some amazing acts of kindness that will touch your heart. They would make you want to do good things. It's time. Get going. There is so much to do and so little time. Let's help each other, because we are in the same spaceship. We all work together! For more, follow us on twitter @Wittyfeed Source: Diply

The Silent Garbage Cleaner.

This Amazing Guy Who Inspires, wow!

This Guy who gave money to a pregnant couple, when they lost everything in flood with the sweetest note ever.

Everybody at school consoling a guy who lost his mother to Cancer.

This wonderful guy who does not want a stranger to get wet.

A friend for a friend. *beautiful*

Many Reddit who we called Redditors, helped his parents

The parents of this adorable and cute kid, lost their kid only after few days. The only picture they had of his had all medical equipment and tubes. So he posted it on Reddit, asking people to help him.

This is what the unknown people did.

Using various photoshop ideas, Reddit users removed the tubes, so that the parents now have many photos of the kid.

This man will make you shed a tear. :'(

People who really Care.

This cop who re-wrote their duties to deliver pizzas, after the delivery guy was in an accident.

After this beautiful girl and a homequeen gave her crown to a wonderful but bullied girl at school.