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Three Kids Born Without Nose Are The Most Inspirational Beings Ever

Having a child with the abnormalities is heartbreaking for the parents. The survival of these children wholly depends on the way people treat them and most importantly how their parents deal with them. Those parents need to be courageous enough to accept their toddlers with deformity and love them the way they are.Here are the stories of those three kids who were born with a rare condition called ‘Congenital Arhinia’. They were born without noses and I am sure their stories will inspire you all.

1. Timothy Eli Thompson

A couple named Brandi McGlathery and Troy Thompson were expecting a baby as parents normally do, but unfortunately, the baby (Timothy Eli) got born prematurely on March 4, 2015.

He was born without a nose or nasal passage.

He suffered from congenital arhinia.

His mother called him ‘perfect miracle baby’.

McGlathery, the mother wrote,“Who knew someone so tiny could change so many people’s lives in such a short time? Our perfect miracle baby.” She said, “My biggest fear for Eli is that the world won’t see him as the beautiful, brave little boy that I see him as.”

He underwent tracheotomy at an age of 5 days.

He wasn’t able to breathe properly, so he had to undergo therapy. He was kept under observation for three weeks in the hospital.

For now, the boy can have an artificial nose for him.

But doctors are unsure whether that will work or not. He even underwent an eye exam and cranial scan to look over things and results were normal for him.

1. The story of a brave kid!

2. Another story of Tessa Evans!

Tessa was born in February 2013 and her condition was spotted during the 20-week scan. 

When Mrs. Evans saw her daughter, she was in total shock.

The 3D scan and tests were normal and she was found healthy earlier.

Mother said,

“Doctors were able to stabilize her so she could breathe on her own and eventually I was allowed to hold her for a few seconds, I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her before they took her away.”

Tessa even had a tiny hole in her heart and problems with her eyesight.

Her left eye had cataract but even after surgery, she wasn’t able to see from it.

Tessa is now growing just like any other kid.

She plays and dances and she now has a nose shaped mound that will be replaced every time she grows up little.

The inspirational kid's story!

3. The story of Cassidy Hooper

Cassidy Hooper was born without nose and eyes. Since she was 11, she had undergone several facial reconstruction treatments at North Carolina.

She was always bullied and faced many social difficulties.

And the best thing was, no one could demotivate her and shake her optimism.

The mother told that her brain and heart are normal.

Her last surgery took place in April 2013.

This courageous girl told,

“Things always may be hard…but here’s what I think: I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

Soon, she will undergo the placement of prosthetic eyes.

It would cost her $10K. Well, if you want to help her, visit her site.