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17-Year-Old Gets Arrested For Making His 3-Year-Old Nephew Smoke Weed

It's one thing for grown adults to take decisions about their own lives - what they want to do, how they want to do it, and whether or not they wish to pay any attention to the opinions the others hold. But in the case of a child, things are different. A child has no understanding of his own, and so, depends on the adults around him to take those decisions for him. But what happens when the adult around the child himself is a complete nut? Well, it results in something like what we present here. The video is so disturbing that it has been blurred out. However, you can hear their voices and coughs as they smoke weed, and suffice to say, the audio itself is disturbing enough. Check it out!

Smoking weed is an addiction that is rampant throughout the world...

Smoking weed gets you high, and that's the reason people love it so much!

But there's a huge debate that goes on about it. On one hand, it is still the same as smoking, which makes it a bad thing.

On the defence's side are the points that make it a good thing to smoke weed.

There is an ongoing fight in many countries to get their respective governments to legalize majuana.

But until anything happens in that direction, it's up to individuals to weigh the costs and benefits and decide whether or not he want to smoke.

But whatever be the case, probably everyone will agree that making a 3-year-old smoke weed is no good idea!