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10 Types Of Boyfriends Any Girl Can Possibly Meet In Her Lifetime

Having a boyfriend for the first time can be quite stressful for you. After all, this will be the first time that you actually get to be so close to a guy. Unless you are close friends with one or two XY chromosome bearers, you wouldn't really know how to interact with a guy your age. Luckily, experience and support from your friends will help you along the way.Of course, you should still take note of the type of boyfriends you might stumble upon.Here you go, girls.

1. This one will make you feel stupid.

He considers himself so intelligent that he ends up treating you like you never learned anything in school. There's a big difference between being helpful and being condescending.

2. Don't take this one for granted.

These kinds of guys are the ones who trust you wholly. Don't even try to lie and take advantage of them. You can go to parties, meet your ex-boyfriend for a friendly chat, but don't go overboard and break his heart.

3. You wouldn't want to have a super jealous boyfriend.

Being jealous is normal. However, being insecure for no good reason should not be tolerated. Face it, there are guys who will get jealous just because you want to spend time with your friends.

4. Some guys really just want to let it all out.

These are the guys who don't mind wearing boxers all day or those who don't care if their noisy farts are smelly. It's their own weird way of expressing their love for you.

5. You should be wary of this kind of boyfriend.

As much as he can promise that you're his only girl, you will likely feel jealous whenever he tries to approach a lady online and offline.

6. Best boyfriends ever.

He will leave sticky notes on your mug to say that you look beautiful in your pajamas. Also, he will surprise you with a gift on a random day just because he loves you that much.

7. The comfortable boyfriend.

As much as he appreciates you, it's common for him to forget important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. He also doesn't have enough energy for restaurant reservations.

8. If you're submissive in nature, then you could have this kind of boyfriend.

He will ask you what movie the two of you should watch, but he will end up ignoring your suggestion to watch his favorite films. It's as if he's the manager and you're just the assistant.

9. They are pretty common nowadays.

These guys will skip meals and dates just to finish their quest or even the entire game. One advantage of this is that they won't have the time to cheat on you.