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M.S. Dhoni Movie Mistakes & Review: Sushant Singh Hits A Sixer In The Predictable Plot

The story behind that 'winning six' in the 2011 World Cup final is painful, impressive.A Footballer who loves Table Tennis and Badminton is all of a sudden pulled out from a crowd of players to worship a religion called Cricket, this is how it all started for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.Cricketers are one such rare group of people in India whose lifestyle never remains hidden or private to them. I, thought, similar was the case with the Captain Cool who already has a couple of best-selling novels written on him. But the movie M.S. Dhoni brings out some of the untold incidents that carved his career.Let me tell you whether to book Gold, a Platinum or Silver tickets with your girlfriend this weekend.

The story: Powerful storytelling

A blend of decent script and great cinematography is something that kept M.S. Dhoni a level above the recent biopics such as Azhar and Mary Kom. The writer managed it well as he kept the audience guessing in the starting but failed as the movie was about to reach its tail.

The acting: Commendable newcomers

A very promising and unexpected level of acting came out when Disha Patani played a bubbly girl who has a very influential effect on M.S. Dhoni's initial career. Kiara Advani, on the other hand, played Sakshi's role and was able to step in her shoes quite comfortably after the small yet noticeable role that she played.Sushant Singh Rajput was at his all time best, and all his sweating gave him the tastiest fruit when people in the theater went mad about his resemblance with Dhoni's personality.

Editing- A big downside!

Unexpected cuts, poor editing and the extra stretched movie plot led the audience to a point of dozing. **zzzz**Even when I am not calling the run time of 3 hour 10 minutes lengthy, but the obvious scenes spoiled it somewhere in the climax.

The power punch

Having his bad in studies, being from a very normal lower middle-class family, a guy with close to no big approach, M.S. Dhoni was a ticket collector for the Indian Railways. He failed in his first 4 ODIs with a total of just 20 runs. Apart from that, he was a leftover at many big selection meets. The most shocking part was his very depressing personal life. The story has a lot to give and capability to surprise the audience in ecstasy.

The M.S. Dhoni movie mistakes: And there are a handful of them

Here's a list of them:1) Dhoni's character in the movie was successful in having grown 7 inches of hair in just a matter of 2 months as was the time left between his Railway job's first day and his first match as a Railways employee.2) MS Dhoni never did any endorsement deal with Garnier which was actually shown in the movie.3) It was not until 2016, that MS Dhoni was hired as a LAVA Brand ambassador, but he was shown to endorse the brand in 2008 itself. Also, LAVA was founded in 2009, so there is no chance of it happening to be true.4) I think I won't tell more M.S. Dhoni movie mistakes, will be updating them later ;)

Anything controversial?

Apart from the arising question of Sushant Singh growing such long hair without media's knowledge and having learnt the best of the helicopter shots that Dhoni himself ever played, nothing else can be questioned. No, no ex-girlfriend had any say in the movie (in case you're waiting for anything of this sort)


Hell inspiring!Dhoni proves that being stubborn when it comes to following one's dreams is not at all a bad idea. Also, he proves a point by always listening to his coaches and keeping his cool even in the worst of situations. I will be coming up with a whole story on this particular topic in my next work addition.How much do I rate the movie: 3 (as a movie) + 0.5 (for the man he is)