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Artist Shapes Trash Into Animals To Alarm Us About The Pollution 

We all promote 'best out of waste', but only by mouth publicity. Have you ever thought of actually creating it? I am sure most of you must have failed at the school competitions too when it came to making something creative out of a few things given to you.Even I used to come out with nothing. But the thing here is not exactly innovatory, but it is visionary. What I mean is, do you actually see those things given to you as a real waste or as an input to another thing?There have been many examples of creating beautiful items and many speeches to reduce waste, but this Portuguese man has actually done it. He is Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) who has the quality of... Read on to the story to know more.Recommended for you: This Amazing Artist Recycles Trash Into Beautiful Homes For The Homeless

1. Fox

Using the combination of nature and things that threaten it, to produce something unusual. Well, it is wonderful to know that he doesn't have to buy his materials to generate such stuff. 

2. Weasel

Wow! A great showpiece for your garden.

3. Ouriço

What are these... blades or what? But I must say, this is a commendable structure. I mean look at his eyes, they are adding reality to it.

4. Yuwana

I don't know what waste is this, but the usage of spray paint along with this is highly impressive.

5. Pelican

Woah! It will take me months to stop appreciating this.

6. Trash Kitten

Well, I can see iron strands, tyres, and large chunks of steel. I would like to give him an applause for collecting all these and creating such a cute kitten.

7. Flying Squirrel 

Adding grace to the lane.

8. Frog

It seems like a robotic frog.

9. Camaleão

Look at the tiny spots of paint he has added to the creature making it look to be its real texture of skin.

10. Flamingos

Well, the replica stands no less than the real ones.

11. Bee

Oh yes, his eyes are made from huge sunglasses and wings from glasses. Wow, seriously?