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22 Powerful Pictures Of Attempted Rape That Show The Naked Face Of Rapists

Reading newspaper these days have become depressing, why? Because there is not even a single day when we start reading the newspaper and we don't get any news of rape and molestation. Rapists have really made it hard for us to hold newspapers every morning. Isn't it?Being the talk of the cities of every Indian state for months now, everyone is keen on making news about it, but there have been a very cogent series by Ganesh Toasty, who thought of taking it differently. He is a Photographer, and his string was so powerful that it didn't even need any captions to describe it.I bet that the photography series is surely going to touch your heart. 

Meet Tanirika, an ordinary Indian girl.

She is like every Indian typical girl, who likes to dress gracefully and is fond of plants.

Girl while having a good chat with her Appa.

They were discussing her future and the laugh they share, show the beautiful bond that every girl shares with her father. Tanirika's father told that her marriage has been confirmed and that they were cherishing the old memories and teachings. Both of them were feeling pleasant as this is the day which every girl dreams of.Recommended for you: Male Rape Victims Share Their Experience And It's Heartbreaking

Tanirika was in her fantasy of the future.

It was a wonderful day for her; she was about to start her new life. Like we see the dreams and look forward that how different our life would be now, she was also in the same happy state.

On the other side of the story, two friends, fisherman (Mahesh) and a magnate (Sunil) were spending some quality time together.

It doesn't really matter what you have grown to, what is important is how you are towards the people who are not equal to you. And the most important thing is what kind of a bond and thoughts you share.

And then there joins there old friends (Raghav and Dilip).

More is better than less. Childhood friends, achieved different heights, meeting after a long time, happy to see each other.

It always feels good to share some great quality time with your old friends.

Sharing the past, they tell about what has been going on in their lives.Sunil has earned great money, but in a race to become successful, he has not married yet.Mahesh lost his family in flood and had been involved in his business since then.Raghav's mother was having a bad health and required an immense care.Dilip was in love with someone who got married to someone else.Yes, everybody had a feeling that they lacked a woman's presence in their life. To which Mahesh shared about a lady he was attracted to.But how is the friendship of these people related to the story we were on previously?Come, let's know...

The girl Mahesh was talking about was Tanirika.

No wonder she is a lovely lady, and it is easy to get attracted towards her. But as I recall, her marriage was confirmed so I think this attraction if controlled on Mahesh's part, would be better.When found Tanirika crossing, they started following her.

And at that very moment, Sunil got attracted too!

But what this attraction was? Because I do not believe in love at first sight.

And this group of friends approached Tanirika in the worst manner possible.

Really? I mean pulling a lady by her saree's pallu, which is proudly called as her respect!Is this a way of looking at females who just pass by you?

The act of mercilessness.

The worst and incomprehensible nightmare had started. This is something which not even Tanirika, her Appa and we would have imagined that a female would face. Because we all know, even an animal attacks us back if we initiate to trouble them. Then the species 'men' is being recognised as human beings; the one with brains and heart.

The lust in Mahesh's eyes is clearly visible.

Mahesh, taking the lead, seems to be randy. Trying to kill Tanirika's courage from the inside, he feels that he is the king of the day and the place and can do whatever he wants.

The torture and trauma was still left!

It is really impossible to think of such people who think themselves as 'male', whom we term as our brother, father, and the breadwinners of our family. But they take undue advantage of the respect we give them. Especially, four men taking over a single lady make you no less than a coward.

The time when the poor girl became helpless!

She was rebelling from the starting, but to take control over her and to show her that she stands nowhere in front of them regarding strength, she was being slapped and slammed on the ground.

All the friends pulled her towards the interiors of the forest.

Pulling someone and rubbing against the ground is what you call the toughness of a man? She was being taken towards a more isolated place because this was the crossovers of the jungle and so that anybody could not see them.

It seems the hell is on the earth itself.

The plead in her eye? Can you feel that? Asking for pity towards her respect, that she has to carry throughout her life.

Then at a sudden, there came a helping hand. 

But was it a helping hand or a...?

Was he among the other men...? 

Actually, he wasn't. He gave the girl his hand for the help and not for some lusty act. 

How come he has a courageous heart!

Raghav got those vibes which every man should have got.

Every girl like Tanirika will always be thankful to a man like Raghav.

Tanirika, in the whole chaos, trying to think what has happened and being thankful for not leaving a fear in her soul.

And then happened the confrontation with Appa.

On reaching home, Tanirika's Appa was perplexed that what led to this situation of her daughter. He too was helpless to the circumstances, was feeling guilty for not being able to protect her daughter. 

Even her Appa was disheartened and was feeling powerless.

To which Tanirika assured her father that she was on the edge of being raped, but that remained just as an attempt.

Thanks to the gentleman who saved her life...!

Although she was saved before any mishappening, this would have left a scar on her heart.To this incident, she recalls her childhood memory, when she had fallen because of some stones and got a scar on her face, to which her father said that it would heal with time. Adding to the teachings, her Appa told her that it was not the fault of the small rocks because they are inanimate objects; rather she should have taken care of her steps.But here are some of the questions which still stumbles her mind...Was it my fault even today?Had I taken a different way other than the woods?Were these people inanimate too?Will this scar vanish too?Will I be able to move on?...... So yes, her life is different now.But, this is just a series that can depict the pain, but every girl gets raped every day even with the eyes of men.