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130-Year-Old House Gets A Makeover To Restore Its Original Fame

Everyone loves getting their homes renovated from time to time. Some do it as a part of necessity and some for fun, but one thing is sure that your home demands timely refurbishment and some ‘DIY- Do It Yourself’. And when all the repairs and fixing is done, you feel so loved and proud once again to see a vibrant home and a place that you actually reside in.But when this house was about to fall down, a makeover was followed, you will be surprised to see the transformation it carried. Look at the makeover this house experienced.

This house was constructed in 1887 in Queen Anne style.

The house was covered in dirt, was falling apart and all were thinking that it would not survive.

But, then a group of people decided to transform it

Have a look at its transformation.

The base of the house was very strong..

..which helped in making it back like earlier. Wow! Incredible look.

The house was restored with the colours like-

Olive green, terra cotta red and gold.

There were 5 rooms in the house and each room was brimmed with dazzling adornments.

The whole appearance gives an ageless effort and comfort.

Restorers salvaged it as much as they possibly could.

They even replaced a few things which were hard to refurbish.

The floors were done with 5 different types of wood.

The reflection of light looked beautiful through stained glasses.

The kitchen reflected a major part of history as well.

And it looked so systematic at the end of the day.

Embellishment and appealing sentiments were the core of each room.

Each one had its own appeal.

I am sure this modern look would have made every neighbour jealous.

Though it was given a fancy touch but the place still had 1800’s aura and vibes.