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Reasons Why Men Need To Fight For Equality  

Why do we have a Women's Equality Day and not a Men's Equality Day? Why do men have to struggle so hard to fit into the real definition of being a man? Is there a definition? Can't they feel or cry? In the society where we have grown-up men who are considered to be strong and dominant, and we wish for them to be an epitome of masculinity. Or we take them as being gay. If they are a little too strong, we label them as perverts. Hints like these make them weak, not in their knees but at heart, and there is a need for us to realize that 'a real man' is nothing like the ones you see in a magazine or newspaper. Stop adultering things and try and see what they are suffering too. It is not just the women who need equality, but men fight for a comparative equality too. Reports say, a lot of men are being raped, are going through domestic violence for years, but these issues are not understood in reality and stay hidden because listening to these issues related to man might turn them unmanly or hilarious for you.  Let #menfightforequality.  

01. Why do men have to be held responsible for everything? 

Isn't it a girl's world too? 

02. This is one serious offense. 

Why are such cases hidden? 

03. I say I like you, I mean it. 

It has no hidden meanings, whatsoever. 

04. What if I don't cry? 

You cannot call me a girl, if I display my feelings. I have all the rights to feel. 

05. So what, I'm fat and I chose to eat a lot? 

It gives you no right to question my masculinity. Like a girl is always taken care of her for her privileges, we men should be given a comparative equality too. These words are the voices of many men around the world.