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Peter Has Dumped Amina And Now He's Back Together With Tara (Pics)

One of the most talked about and loved trio from the television show is Peter-Amina and Tara's love triangle. The relationship between these three became even more complicated when Amina and Tara got pregnant by Peter. But, for all those who support Amina over Tara, we have some unfortunate news. Amina has decided to leave Peter, and according to our informant at LAHH - Peter and Tara's relation is official now. To know what happened and how Amina reacted to this, read the full story.

Peter hugged Tara?

Peter celebrated his 34th birthday and they hugged each other.

Has Amina decided to leave Peter alone?

Yes! it is true, Amina has decided to leave Peter alone and decided to give him some time to spend with Tara.

What Peter did was unexpected

Getting the free space from Amina, Peter went on to celebrate Tara's 34th birthday. 

Tara enjoyed spending some time with Peter

Tara celebrated her birthday with Peter and even danced with him.

So, the triangle finally turned into a straight line?

The love triange between Amina Tara and Peter is finally over now. Peter officially chosed Tara.

Fans came in to support Amina.

As soon as the news broke out, supporters of Amina responded at social media. Some of them even said that Amina was too good for him.

What happens next?

Well, Tara is still dating Peter, and now when Amina has decided to give them some time, we wonder what would happen next. Whatever happens, we'll bring it right here for you. We hope that it'd be easy for Amina to live without Peter. Only the time will tell what happens between Tara and Peter.For more Hollywood updates Click here Subscribe here