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Bollywood Actress Rekha Caught Doing Something Fishy Inside Her Car 

Rekha is considered as the eternal beauty in B-town. This Bollywood legendary actress manages to remain in the limelight either for her epic love story or her appearances at the award functions. Rekha: The Untold Story was released this month and readers kept sharing their excitement with the hashtag #rekhatheuntoldstory on Instagram.   Recently, the 61-year-old actress was spotted doing something fishy inside her car outside the airport. Read on for the full scoop and don’t forget to watch the video at the end of the story. Source: YouTubeRecommended story: Truth behind the incomplete love story of Rekha and Amitabh will leave you shocked!

Rekha Biography by Yasser Usman got released this month.

It unveiled many shocking secrets of Rekha’s life including her disturbing marriage to Mukesh Aggarwal and broken love affair with Amitabh Bachchan. 

Recently, Rekha was captured at the airport during the night hours. 

She was looking stunning in her black dress.

Rekha donned a head scarf and glares at the airport. 

She headed to car accompanied with her female friend. 

The 61-year-old actress was caught doing something unexpected in her car. 

She sat inside the car and took out something from her bag.

Well, we all know about Rekha’s love for gajras. 

She was spotted several times with gajra in her hair.

In fact, she never forgets to wear it on the events. 

And this Bollywood legendary actress looks so pretty in her traditional attire with gajra in her hair.

But this time, she did something different with gajras.

Rekha took out a bunch of gajras from her bag and smelled it. 

It seems that the actress is in love with the fragrance of jasmine flowers. 

Instead of donning gajras on her hair, she was seen hanging them on the roof of her car.