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Mom Transforms A Shipping Container Into Something That Can Worth A Million

When it comes to creating products using recycled items, your creativity comes into play. How can you make something best from the worst? Let us talk about examples.A woman, 'Lulu', featured in this article crossed every limit. She is purely a creative genius. She transformed a shipping container with her bare hands, and now it is the new home of hers and her daughter. Share this with your friends!

How well you can recycle waste products defines your creativity.

Lulu is a country girl from Argentina who now lives in the states with her young daughter.

She did not want a lifestyle where you have to work constantly just to pay the rent.

She moved in with her daughter into this shipping container which was a dump earlier. 

The shipping container was used for transportation purpose before it became Lulu's new home.

Lulu had no building experience and still she did it perfectly. 

Spending a month and $4000 on the container, she installed windows, insulation and a functioning kitchen, which includes a water heater and camping stove.

Lulu says, “When you don’t have money, you just get creative.”

Lulu found everything needed from the junkyard. 

She managed to employ a bathtub, toilet, sinks and a makeshift playroom.

The container offered only 160 sq. feet so she built their new bedroom on a used flatbed trailer.

Lulu continues to inspire other 'normal' mothers as she makes efforts to live a simpler life where she can spend more quality time with her daughter.

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Priceless, right? More than a million!