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13 Beauty Tips For Flawless Glowing Skin Every 20+ Must Know

Having a great skin is no rocket science. All it requires is diligence, consistency and lots of self-love and care. Just like you water your plants and protect it from drying out, you need to moisturize and protect from the harsh climatic conditions depending on where you live and your lifestyle, in general. Being a 20 something myself, I have been through my share of skin mishaps and skin happy moments. I consider having a good skin is like a canvas that even on days that you might not feel like wearing makeup, you can still put your best face forward and glow with radiance and confidence. Let's get started!

1. Don't take your genes for granted! 

My mom always had great skin, but that did not stop her from taking care of it all throughout. She passed the same on to me and so I too do not treat my skin as invincible. The younger you start to take care of it, the longer you will have skin that still would look like it did in it's it's "glory days" aka the twenties! For MORE tips follow me on my Facebook page @ glamlocal

2. EAT for BEAUTY! or rather drink, chew or gobble! 

This is not going to be your typical beauty post where I just talk about external ways of beautifying yourself because real beauty lies within (pun intended). So nourish your body and its organs with vibrant fruits and vegetables and your glowing skin will thank you! You don't have to drink smoothies if you don't fancy them. But make sure you get lots of color in your diet in whatever form you fancy it!  You're Welcome!

3. Did you go upside down today!?! 

Self-proclaimed yoga addict that I am, but oh! boy, did you know that going upside down yogi style at least once a day has so many beauty benefits? It increases circulation of blood flow to your gorgeous face and thus creating that glow you desire. You don't have to be a pro, take support and eventually I promise you will be able to master that art of doing headstands with little effort. You can follow me here for more!

4. Make conscious choices when eating out! 

I swear this might seem like a health post. But when you have true health and vitality, you can radiate beauty effortlessly. So when everyone around you is devouring that cholesterol-laden pizza, Don't be shy to stand out and order the healthiest item on the menu..I love my pitaya bowls and green juices as you can tell by the picture above.


This is the NO.1 beauty essential any anybody's beauty regimen regardless of gender, age and skin condition. Find a sunscreen that works with your skin type and apply it under or over your moisturizer. Don't miss your ear area & decollete region. 

6. NO to pimple popping.

Just NO. I have done that plenty of times as a teenager myself and my Vit serums had to work extra harder to get rid of them. Leave them alone and apply some cinnamon powder with lemon juice on a swab as a treatment over them and they should subside on their own. 

7. Don't be afraid of nutrient rich oils to replenish! 

I used to belong to an old school of thought that oiling my face will break me out as I already have pretty combination skin anyways. But including specific oils like Maracuja and Jojoba have made a world of difference to my skin texture. Could not be more thankful. Find what works for you and stick to it consistently! 

8. Don't forget your eye cream.

We all know that first signs of aging are seen around the eyes. So whether you make an at home Vit E eye cream or buy it off the shelf, make sure you are using a hydrating and cooling eye cream.

9. Ultimate beauty elixir! Plant of immortality! 

What can aloe vera not do?!  Rich in vitamins like A,C,E, it is so nourishing yet medicinal in its properties! 

10. BEAUTY sleep!

They don't call it a ''beauty sleep'' for nothing! 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep is so crucial for a healthy radiant life! NO phones in the bedroom! In order to aid a restorative slumber time. Try placing your feet up against the wall BEFORE sleeping and you will definitely have a peaceful relaxing night ahead.

11. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! 

You need the dead cells gone to reveal smoother sexier flawless skin beneath. Dry brush your body, steam your hair and exfoliate physically or with chemical peels. But you need exfoliation in your beauty ritual! 

12. Meditation for rejuvenating your complexion! 

When you start meditating consistently, your body releases all negativities and toxicities, refreshes, revitalizes and acts like an anti-aging pill.

13. SAY NO! Don't fit in! Stand out!

I cannot even fathom the skin damage that drinking and smoking cause. Don't give in to the peer pressure whether you are a fresh teenager or a start up honcho. Don't give in and if you have to quit there are many support groups online that will help you reach your goal to get rid of these nasty addictions for life.