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Crazy Man Arrested For Doing Something Horrible With A 5-Day-Old 

The entire humanity stood in shock after the terrible news of what happened with this five-day-old baby aired on the news. The following article features Amy Duckers, the mom who went out with her five-day-old baby named Elsie Duckers at the supermarket. What happened next is something she would never have imagined. What a nightmare!

We all know how much care needs to be taken of a newborn.

Only a mother knows it better than anyone else!

Amy Duckers recently made into news headlines as something horrible happened.

With what happened to her daughter, Amy still can't believe. She is still in deep shock. 

Amy Duckers with her newborn, Elsie was paying a visit to Tesco supermarket.

And what happened at the supermarket is something just insane!

Just look at her, how adorable her daughter Elsie is. What happened then?

A man aged 63 punched Elsie in the face who 'mistook her for a toy doll'. 

Police arrested this man for further investigation of this scene.

Amy said she is scared now to take Elsie out of the house after the attack.

Her other daughter Libby pictured with Elsie. 

The newborn baby girl was rushed to the hospital as a precaution and has since been discharged. This man was arrested on suspicion of assault and is currently in custody being questioned by officers.