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Saint Teresa Or Fraud Teresa? Twitter Reacts Strongly!

Mother Teresa's news of being declared as a Saint was not a long celebration for her followers. On her 19th Death anniversary, some people had thought of greeting her soul with a tribute but certainly, it turns out that it has not been universally and peacefully accepted.The occasion of commemorating her has been taken by different people in a different sense. Let's know how the 'Anti-Teresa' people are reacting, where a few questions have also been raised.

According to Mother Teresa, the suffering of the poor was the gift of God.

Being a nun, she is being alleged for medical negligence.

Hemley Gonzalez, came to India to serve at Mother Teresa's facilities, and this is what he said after witnessing things, "Needles were washed in cold water and reused and expired medicines were given to the inmates. There were people who had a chance to live if given proper care."

Horrible Living Conditions.

Children were expected to defecate in open drains and the single cloth was used to wipe all babies' bottom.

Seems everybody is looking for equality here.

Indians are of the opinion that Mother Teresa was keen for conversion.

There are other great people and religions too, that need to be recognized for their work.

Many people are skeptical about her expenditure.

Well, the roaring of people was not limited to the internet

A statue of Jesus Christ was vandalized in a church in Mumbai on the September 4.