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18 Things Women Are Still Banned To Do In Countries Around The World.

There is no doubt as to why Women are beautiful than men. They are lovable, pretty and caring. Be it your mother, sister, wife or daughter - she is a very important part of your life.  Then why biased? Why is it so that we still feel unsafe at the streets, why are our younger sisters brutally murdered, why are we sold - do we come with a price-tag? Why are we bounded and not free? I am a woman and I have rights, above that I have a heart. I feel for every woman who is suffering. And so will I raise voice, with this platform. Many countries in the world, still have laws that forbid women to question, to drink, to love or to have fun. We only wish to walk hand in hand with you.  So, I request every man to stand for every woman whenever he can, also to every woman to speak for her rights. Imagine a world without women, I am sure the sight will scare you. Scroll down and see for yourself! For so much more, follow us on twitter @WittyFeed. Image Courtesy : ScoopWhoop/ AcidCow