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10 Dark Secrets Of Human Trafficking And Prostitution In Dubai 

Everyone is aware that buying and selling sex is pretty easy in Dubai. Though PDA, homosexuality and adultery are forbidden in this Islamic city, but it inhabits the largest prostitution hub in the Middle East. Prostitution is illegal in Dubai but still the police turn a blind eye to the illicit stuff in the city.Not only females but even males also become victims of sex work or forced labor and migration in Dubai. Every now and then we get to hear several cases of human trafficking in Dubai. Let’s check out 10 dark secrets of human trafficking and prostitution in Dubai.   

1) Many female domestic workers are forced to indulge in prostitution in Dubai. 

On the other hand, some girls willingly indulge in this profession to earn quick money. Recent estimates suggest that there are 30,000 sex workers in the city. 

2) Working girls in Dubai have also fallen prey to prostitution.  

Many helpless and young women reach Dubai in the lure of getting a decent job but end up becoming prostitutes. There are many trafficked women and children who desperately want to return to their nations. 

3) Dubai is full of migrant workers who have been trapped, deceived, abused or trafficked to the city. 

There are hookers of every shape, size, nationality and ethnicity in Dubai. Majority of the female population work as escorts in this city as it is the easiest way to earn quick money. 

4) Sex services in Dubai are openly advertised on websites and social media. 

While prostitutes can be easily spotted and hired at bars and pubs of Dubai, some high profile escorts advertise their services openly through Tinder. 

5) In Dubai, ‘Ladies Night’ is a code name for selling sex. 

High profile clientele attend such parties for choosing women of their choice. In some hotels, five girls serve a single client. 

6) Local Arabs and businessmen from all parts of the world are the major customers of call girls. 

Lavish private parties are organized in five-star hotels of Dubai and prostitution is practiced openly at night. Hotel staff turns a blind eye to it as the majority of their revenue is generated from it.

7) The condition of Dubai police is quite similar to hotels in the city. 

Even police don’t arrest the prostitutes because their bosses have social and business ties with local Arabs and businessmen who prefer to keep escorts with them. 

8) Sex is for sale in every bar and club of Dubai. 

Hotels and pubs are the major spots for trading sex in Dubai. Apart from them, salons and massage parlors also serve as prostitution hub in Dubai. 

9) In Dubai, bars are full of whores, punters and window shoppers. 

Though Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and seems to be a safe holiday spot for tourists as well, but the nights of city unfold a completely different story. 

10) Even though selling sex is forbidden under Islamic law, the authorities do nothing about it. 

The crime rate and alcohol consumption is very low in the city but prostitution is widely practiced in the hotels and bars of Dubai.Share this shocking information with your friends. Recommended story: 12 shocking facts about prostitution in America you had no clue about