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Akira Movie Review: Sonakshi Sinha Breaks Bones And Wins Hearts 

Even with a string of underrated stars and a couple of cheap PR techniques, the movie is receiving a bang on response with the audience all over the country. Director AR Murugadoss' Bollywood movie "Akira" featuring actress Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role gave me all the reasons to think about the numerous injustices happening in the country. Count in the various acid attacks, girl shaming or even eve teasing, this will give all of you a clear view of why a girl should never be underestimated. While the movie is a remake of the Tamil movie "Mouna Guru", it proved out to be a spectacular action thriller keeping in a note that it is female-centric. The original film was, however, male-centric, the Director penned down the script giving a crisp female oriented Bollywood version. Personally, I liked the movie. It raised the bar up a little for the actress who delivered a sterling performance with her stunning stunts and flawless acting. Only this time, instead of a Khan or a Kumar beating the badasses to a pulp, a woman is one who is throwing her punches like confetti. 

The quick storyline. 

The movie revolves around the story of a college student who belongs to a dysfunctional family who is short on temper and loves to do all the talking through fists and she ends up being a misfit in her own small town. Akira meaning graceful strength in Sanskrit is a girl who hates all kinds of injustices against women and with a matter of incidences she is always stuck in a wrong situation at the wrong time.After being a small girl living away from family in a rehab, she returns back to her normal self after five long years, identifying that there is a lot she has missed.Her family plans on taking her to Mumbai in a hope to calm her down. Soon, she finds herself stuck in a mess where she is pitted against a group of four police officers who try and prove her a mental patient. While you might be amazed by the coke- snorting, badass officer, you will be amazed to see what Sonakshi had to offer to the role she was playing. She single-handedly took on the four officers to prove that she is innocent in the crux of the story. 

Sonakshi Sinha

While we have always seen her as an actress who dances around the actor and laughs her chubby self, in the movie, Sonakshi Sinha took on a fresh take setting a benchmark for all the other leading ladies of the B- town to buck up. She was a hero out there on the screen as Akira. Take action, take the thrilling moments, she totally justified every scene. 

The cast

The female version of Ghajini had incredible artists like Konkana Sen, Nandu Madhav and Anurag Kashyap highlighting the entire out and out action. The movie turned out to be exquisite.Anurag Kashyap aka ACP Rane was one evil drug snorting cop who overwhelmed every scene with his devilish laugh and hideous ways to take innocent people into all the blood shedding fights. While he tried to make us hate him for the character he was playing, his acting is something to be commended upon.There were luckily no stunts for Konkana Sen in the movie, but she played a dangerous role of a pregnant cop alongside Sonakshi Sinha, which was quite a strong character in the film. While the movie had a couple of amazing scenes with a female fighting all the bad cops and being her disciplined self, Sonakshi cannot pull the movie out alone. A lot of effort was needed from the other actors as well. Just watching her swoon or fall into a sinkhole and get up was the highlight of the film. Besides the actors giving their best, AR Murugadoss combine produced Akira with "Fox Star" studios to make sure the movie had good production value. 

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Some say it was an intriguing actioner. 

While some congratulated AR Murugadoss for all the work done after Holiday and Ghajini. 

I got self-defense as my life goals and was left with tears in the end.