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These 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Drawn In The Star Wars Universe Are The Perfect Intersection Of The Two Worlds

There is probably no one who has watched neither Game of Thrones, nor the Star Wars movies. Both of these being huge pop culture elements, it's quite unlikely to come across someone who hasn't watched them. On the other hand, there must be more people than one can guess who have watched both. And for those, what better treat than a cross-over between the two worlds. So here we are, introducing an artist, who has created mind-blowing illustrations of what the GoT characters would look like in the Star Wars universe.Check them out!

Who hasn't watched or at least heard of Game of Thrones?

It's a pop cultur

And the same goes for Star Wars!

So how would it look if we had both worlds to merge into one? Well, the following photos give us a glimpse of the same!

1. Jaime Lannister becomes Sith Slayer.

2. Melisandre, the Sith Lord of Light.